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Fist Illinois Lands

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Camp Wikoff, L. I., Aug. 30.- Camp Wikoff has weleomed the Chicago boys from Santiago. The transport Berlin, bearing Colcnel Turner's men of the FMrst regiment, has come in, was visited by the health ofHcers, and, thanks to the precautions of the regiment's officers, such was the condition of the command that they were ordered into Setention camp at once and escaped the weary days of quarantine at sea. Men in .Need of Care. The men flled off the vessel in straggling order, their wan faces telling of the care and nursing which is necessary before the First can march into Chicago to the cheers of admiring thousands. With the flagrant faults of mismanagement of the Long island military rencezvous, partially rectifled by the storm of public sentiment, which caused such a cutting of red tape after Secretary Alger's visit, the manner in which Colonel Turner's men of the First Illinois are to be cared for by the Chicago committee may inspire further steps toward improvement. Special Arranjfements Made. W. A. Bond, who preceded the Chicago committee of reception appointed by the Army and Navy league, made arrangements whereby absolute dependence on the (ïuartermaster's department will be unnecessary. Permission was secured f rom the medical auhorities whereby the first reception accorded the boys from Cuba was made of a most substantial character. The essel chartered by Mr. Bond was loadd with suppiies and foods which, upon he advice of Dr. Nicholas Senn, were best calculated to restore the strength vhich has been ravaged by the hardhips of the Cuban campaign. On board he little vessel is-a great quantity of ginger ale, beer and chamgagne, with numerous delicacies which contrast trangely with the hard-tack fare of he south. Sent Direct to Detention Camp. A personal examination of each man n Cplcnel Turner's command was made y thè medical officers some hours after he health authorities had passed upn the regiment in a general way. After hese steps had been taken the decison was rendered allowing the men to maren direct into detention camp for a ive days' sojourn instead of remainng at anchor just off shore for a eriod of three days befcre entering the leclusicn of the detention stage of their ïome-cominé1.


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