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The etatisfcician of the department of 1 agriculture, from preliminary returns j oa the acreage of cor, estiniates a reduction of 3 per cent froui fche area harvested last year. There is a decrease of 502,00 acres iu Illiuoi, of 303,000 in .owa.of 661,000 in Missouri, of 722, - ! (000 in Kansas, and of 482,000 in Nei braska. A beekeeper says that those beekeep1 ers living in or pear a town would do ! well to exgrt theniselves in inducing j the town people to plant basiswood trees in preference to oJJaer Jtijids, American Cultívaíoif saj's that when ; there is a fair set of fruit on trees or i vines, if the fruit continúes green longer than it should, a quantity of nitrate of pptash very largely diluted with water will have a" most é'xtraordinary effect in hasteniug its ripeuing. Acoording to the July erop reports, J with a few notable exceptions, among which is Georgia, with a condition of 104, indications as to the peach erop are soniewhat unfavorable. A new preparation tinder the name of "laurel green" is on the market asa substituto for paris green. According to cheinical analysis of the Cornell station, it eontains arsenio, copper and lime anc sulphuric and carbonic acids. These same substances would be found in a mixture of paris green and bordeauK mixture after drying.


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