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Slick Pete's Watch Deal

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An oíd time detective the other day was discussing with some sleuths new in the profession the methods of up to date s-windlers. After deprecating the originality of the modern erook he told of what he considered the sharpest game he ever saw worked. "I suppose you fellows know," he aid, "that during Centenni al yearPhiladelphia was a hotbed of bunko steerers and sharpers of every description. Wel 1 , I was detailed to keep an eye on these gentry, and in time I became acqnainted with most of the 'big ones,' who were generally exceedingly bright men. One in particular, who was known as 'Slick Pete, ' I took a great liking to, for he had an inexhaustiblefundof humor and was a good hearted chap. Toward the end of the Centennial exhi bition one day I dropped into a down town auction room where some fake jewelry was being sold. A lot of watches were offered, and I saw that they had been made evidently for bunko steering purposes, for me worjL8 were gooa, ana tne cases were made to look likesolidgold. They were finally knocked down for$2.15 apiece, and I saw that the buyer was 'Slick Pete. ' Jewelry was out of his line, but I knew he had some scheme in view. Two months passed before I again saw Pete, and then I asked him what he had done with the watches. He began to langh and said, 'Oh, skinned some swindler with them!' Then íollowed the explanation. He had hired a room and inserted an adverti semen t in_ varions papers something like thisT'Found - Á sbíid gold watch; Elgin works; loser pay costs. Apply, etc.' Nearly every crook in town ansjvered the ad. and claimed the watch. Pete, whö madg pg agn olcmanseemëd a mark, and thèT'fly' cfóok.TnThe hnrry to depart, njde bu a cursory examinaron. 'The costg, $Í0, were in?aríabíy handed over, and1 in two days Pete had disposed of his stock. ' '-


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