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Neatly Dressed

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Thöre is an exquisite charw afcont fleatly dressed woman. Sh% does not wear her hair loose, as if it is just about to fall on her shoulders. Her gloves ars not ripped at the seams, nor are any buttons missing from her boots. Her veil does not reveal a hole over the chin, nor does the binding of her skirt show ragged in places. Not many women show their tidiness in these details, but the well-groomed woman considers that neglect in these little things is full of shame to womankind. Note the well dressed tailor-built womain. Her cloth gown fits her without a crease, and there is neither speek nor spot on it. Her linen collar and cuffs are snowy white, and remain properly fixed in their places. Her gloves do not wrinkle, but button smoothly over her wrists; her shoes are dainty and polished. Her bonnet or hat is pinned on straight, and her hair is neatness itself. She is the picture of delicate finish and wholesome order. Would that we could come across her somewhat of tener!


Ann Arbor Argus
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