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Aunt Chloe And Religion

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It is a well-attested fact that all jokes can be traced back to six origináis, evolved in Egypt during the fourth dynasty. This being true, it is the right and, moreover, the duty of every man to improve on any old joke that he may find lying around loose. Por instance, Bernard Shaw tells oL a man from Oil City who was visiting ?. cathedral in England, and the Oil City man, being affected by the history and atmosphere of the place, knelt in prayer. A zealous and watchful verger happened by and, shaking the man by the shaulder, said: "Look yon, sir, none o' that! If I'd let one do that here, there would soon be folks praying all oveï tñe place." And now comes that excellent man, Booker "Washington, and tells of the new "High church" that has recently been consecrated at Tuskegee. It seems old Aunt Chloe ventured into vespers one evening and, hearing others respond, took a hand, too. "Thank God!- Blessed Jesus - Amen!" shouted aunty In fine falsetto. The chief -warden went softly over and whispered: "Madam, you will please keep order!" Aunty piocrised, but soon smote the air wüh i vory loud,


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