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COtTNCIL ÜHAMBER, ) Ann Albor, Sept. 13th, 1898. ) Special session. Called to order by Pres. Luick. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent: Aid. Sweet, Exinger, Brown, Spathelf, Weeks, Coon, Howell. PROCLA5IATION OF THE MAYOR. The melaucholy duty has devolved upou the mayor to announce to the citizens of Aiin Arbor the death this morning, at his residenee in this city, of oue of the most distinguished men of the nation, Hon. Thomas M, Cooley. As professor In the university, supreme court reporter, chief justice of Michigan, and chairuian of the Federal Inter-State Commerce Commission, he has made his home among us; and while bis greatness has been shared by all people of the Union, his domicile has been the pride of Ann Arbor alone. As a mark of respect to his memory, I recommend that the flags of the city be placed at half mast and that on Wednesday, September 14th, the day of the funeral, between the hours of 3 and 4 p. m., the business houses of the city close their doors and all of our citízens observe the sad occasion. The Commqn Council of 'the City of Ann Arbor is hereby summoned to meet in the council chamber on Tuesday evening, September 13th, 1898, at which time and place suitable resolutions may be presented for consideration. Chas. E. Hiscock, Mayor. Dated, Ann Arbor, Mica., Sept. 12th. 1898. By Aid. Hamilton: Resolved, that the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor now assembledin respoDse to the proclamation of the mayor, announcing the death of Hou. Thomas M. Cooley of this city. humbly confessing their dependence npon Almighty God, and believing that this visitation is a mercif ui deliveranee of a noble soul trom a worn and broken body, in affirmation of the high esteem in which Judge Cooley JA.&S held by the people of this city and indeclaration of their sentimenst, unanimously resolve: First, that. in testimony of their veneration and affection for the illusious dead who has been permitted in his long and active Ufe to do so much for the state and nation, on Wednesday, the 14th day of September, the day appointed for the funeral, between the hours of three and tour in the afternoon, all ordinary business in the various departments of the city government be suspended and that they will unite in the funeral services. Second, that in the life of Thomas M. Cooley, who by virtue of his extraordinary talents and systematie industry, was permitted to rise from humble beginnings to the heights of fame, they recognize an example of purity, virtue and diligence which should be an inspiration to n a íkind tnd a jurist ■whose memory wili remain and whose utterances will be quoted so long as eonstitutional liberty shall endure. Third, that a copy of these resolutions be communicated to the afflicted children of the deceased as an expression of sympathy in their great bereavement. Adopted asfollows: Yeas- Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Koch, Dieterle, Vandawarker, Cady, Stevens, Pres. Luick- 8 Xays - None. On motion the Board adjourned. CityClerk.


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