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Poison In His Soup

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Manila, Sept. 20. - The assertion is made by a native newspaper that an attempt was made to poison Aguinaldo last Friday. It is reported that a steward saw a Spanish prisoner, whc liad been allowed some íreedom, tamper with a bowl of soup intended for the chief. The steward tasted the compound and, it is said, feil dead. Eleven Franciscan friars are alleged to have been engaged in the conspiracy. The populace, it is further said, attempted to lynch all the Spanish prisoners, but Aguinaldo intervened. Soup intended for Aguinaldo is now subjected, it is said, to a chemical analysis before being presented to the insurgent leader, and the Spanish prisoners are kept closely conflned. Condition of Pi'isoners. The condition of the Spanish captives ís beginnir.g to excite anxiety among the military officers here. About 11,000 priso.-srs are quartered in churches and other public buildings within the narrow confines of the walled city, where most of the Spaniards also live, where the American garrison is necessarily quartered, and where General Otis has located the army headquarters. The Spaniards have not the least knowledge of the laws of sanitation and the result is a condition which threatens a general outbreak of disease at any moment. Typhoid fever is already increasing at an alarming rate. Authorities feel it absolutely essential to the health of the city to get the Spariïh prisoners out of Manila at the. earliest pcssible date. Hospital Ship Dolayed. Similar conditions are reported from Cavite, where the Spanish in the hands of the rebels are suffering for the necessaries of life. To make matters worse, the sailing of the hospital ship Rio has been repeatedly delayed. It is now said that the vessel will go Thursday. Probably in that time she will have a considerable accession to her invalid passenger Hst. As the result of the meetings of the national assembly of Filipinos at Malolos, there is now entire confidence in the American government on the part of the insurgent leaders. AH the members of the assembly exhibit an earnest desire that the future relations of the Filipinos whh the Araericans may be of the most friendly character.


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