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Spaniards Made Complaint

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Santiago, Sept. 20i - The remamder oí the Spanish garrisons at Baracoa and Sagua, 1,400 men, were brought down. They were taken in the steamers San Juan, Reina de los Angeles and Bessie to Guantanamo, and there transferred to the transports San Francisco and San Augustin. The Spanish oflicers oí these garrisons complain bitterly of the treatment they received at the hands of the Third immunes, stating that they were bundled roughly about, were reïused facilities for the removal of their baggage, and were used as if they were crimináis, not subject to an honorable capitulation. Upon inquiry Major McCleary of General Lawton's staff, who conducted the removal, states that the demands of the prisoners were so unreasonable that lie eventually had to decline doing anything for them, save merely to earry out the orders for their transportation. 'They wanted to carry all their belongings with them, and wished the American soldiers to cook for them, wait on them and serve them generally. They appeared to believe it was a personally conducted tour at the expense of the American government. Major McCleary had a narrow escape from being shot by a drunken Spanish officer at Santiago. While McCleary was sitting on the bridge of the Los Angeles the officer came alongside the steamer flourishing a revolver. He shouted that he would shoot the Yankee pig who came to take them away and fired point blank at McCleary, who was unarmed. After the second shot the Spaniard was overpowered by soldiers. Official figures give the number of deaths during August in Santiago city as 1,548. Illness is now decreasing.


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