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Woman's Mission

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Successful competition in any field depends on physical health. s . L&2a 'Ñ'MBB- Ml A 11 li TT T k T questions about - - - ( I JJO! P I ƒ■ IVI I A I woman's future ,3 MRít p 'XXTJ.XXXXjLX are constantly I --rS&lH Sh all women vote? Shall they practice law? "" UrBBSr Shall they compete with men in every field? jij' (Un liüiiBtlilS? Whatever woman's mission may finally be de I tSxf 3niHP" clared to be, it is certain that something Vi i MB&Í Sfilllc iw= must be done for her physical health. ! i mSË!aB! ST-L- Ignorance, superstition and mystery surV' rasKï =gu round woman's delicate organism. HeroiO jt TO$flÉflP53l == efforts to endure pain is part of woman's "jij lïsi%wily f I II I l creed. Manywomen's lives are a constant TXgr ÊÊffMMfjr - ■- -J[ strugglewithlassitude; manyare violentZy w' wÊwJiil&iÈk - iw'tnout apparent cause, and few indeed Uit WI}k}ÈÊÊ& Sk t - This is all wrong and might be different ififaKi (LSSm women would follow Dr. Hartman's ad.,.,. jffH)fiijMS6 . mjËHb'T vice. Perhaps the most practical printed - VliH iSllB NIll ■ ta %vomen e fun(l anywhere is ia 7llffl I WÊm B-"ImPM Dr' Hartman's book called "Health and nÊinïni ilïlfroSMH iflUI Beauty," which the Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., lillwÈl IHImK'sÍ 1(P ' Columbus, O., will mail f ree to' women. iflfllll! IïlW5Sra ""■ ill' ï is certain that Dr. Hartman's "l SII II il Ilinn! il ï!tWM " 1lllB''!ï Pe-ru-na has proved a perfect boon for lf IfrlSi I I Iik11IiVMvW -h1b i v0111611'8 diseases of the pelvic organs. It lullUllllW lllni1vVWl ' reats them scientifically and cures them ÍhIIJBIIiIHh!mV'''J' permanenUiy. All druggists sell it. JHIll iwfl I lmXiZ- "I received your book and commenced Müv'jisë VN- e use yur medicine at once," writes - "_ - =. n!S Mrs. H. D. Amoss of Grfeensboro, Ga., to s. is Dr. Hartman. "I took five bottles oL Pe-ru-na and two of Man-a-lin. I feel like a new woman. When I commenced taking Pe-ru-na I could hardly walk across ny room; now I am doing my own work and can walk to church. I shall never cease to thank you for prescribing for me. I had been under the treatment of two doctors but never received any benefit until I commenced taking your medicine. I wish every woman who was suffering as I was would send for one of your books. May God bless you and spare you many years to relieve women who are suffering as I was." Fifty thousand women will be counselled and prescribed for this year free of charge by Dr. Hartman, president of the SurgicaT. Hotel, Columbus, O. All women suffering from any disease of the mucous membrane, or any of the peculiar ills of women, may write to him and the letters will receive hia personal attention. Write for special question blank for women.


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