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The nniversiy board of regents held its regular September meeting Tuesday, Regent Butterfield alone being absent. Regents Cooker and Farr repo.ted having gone to New York to look up the Bates legacy and fonnd property worth abont $160,000, . witn toree olaims agaiast it amounting to $8,000, as folio we: $5,000 by her physician, believed to be bogus, $1,200 by a ohurch to whioh ahe left that sum ; fl,500 minor and incidental clamis They have employed Attorney George Ofcis, of New York oity to represent the nniversity in thejsase, and believe there is no real HkeJihood of losing the property The leaves of absence granted Prof. M. E. Cooley. Dr. Victor C. Vanghan and Dr. Osoar Le Senre were ext3nded temporarily, all tbree men expecting an early retura to their vork on the faoalty. Additional alterations on tbe roof of nniversity hall were ordered at a oost of about $2,000, the Rnssell Wheel & Fonnd ry Co., of Detroit, being given the contract for the iron trusses needed. The auditing board gwas aathorized to let contraots for plaoing a modern lanndry in the hospitals, the probable oost being 2,000, but the saviug to the nniversity enormoue. % Acting President Hutohins read a letter frota Dr. Angelí sayiög that he would reaoh Ann Arbor Saturday. After considerable mionjbusiness the board adjourned to Oot. 19.


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