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M. GROSSMAN, C. ZTbe Unn Hrbor CarnaQe Worke (ye Cüau $wt ïou mottey. êa We arc HeadQuarters for w. % On flrst-claBs Carriages, Surreye JS 3t thC LSfQCSt ASSOft" ' " % Haad-Made Hamess, Sweat M 3víl V BlCyClCS us X T jlankets of all styles. '" ■" 'J BMiS -r WALKER & CO. IS W. Liberty Street. 309 and 311 S. Ashley Street. The f White Sewing Machine. Is on exhibition at the Fair Grouods. Cali and see our Full Stock at our down y,vn store. IN OPERA HOUSE BLOCK. ur lübiti Blcycle i$ not cxcclkO. 2LSÜ w UJbitc Sewing machine o. L. O'TOOLE, AGENT WHEN YOU GET READY TO BUY joal, Wood, Lime, Gements and Brick. CALL AT Louis RoMe 22 E. Huroa St. Anti Arbor. cd 5tr oil Does pot SrnoKe, xives a white light, does lot charr the wiek, For sale only by Dep & Co, 44 S. Main Street. Sec Coupon. 3. Master Mark Reese, the boywonder on a high wire. 4. The Palaro Brothers in a high trapeze series. RACES Brenner's great race; walk. trot, go-as-pou-pleae. 2:30 trot, - - purse $ 100 2:25 pace - purse $ 100 Grand Lakc UJalk, In Front Of Grand Stand. MUSIG BY SUPERIOR 6RANGE BAND. TheWabash "Continental Limited' Past train between Ann Arbor. Milán, New York, Boston, St, Louis and Chicago. luuiitiniiiuuiiJiiiiiiiiiHuiiüiuiiuiiuiiiuiuiii , . Furniture, hS& Carpets w Draperies, ' Window Shades, etc. 117-119 W. Liberty St. TKHatcbee! You ought to have one. The prices never were so low and they won't stay that way very long. We have by far the best and largest stock in the County. Have you seen our $ 1 .00 W&tcb? We sell a 15 jewel movement in a patent dust-proof Silverine case for 810.00. fm. ARNOLD, Ann Arbor, - - Mich, REAEABER! I give my stove absolutely FRBB and desire everyone to see my complete line of Hardware Stoves, Furnaces, Paints, Oüs, Etc Cbmtian Scbknker, 116 West Liberty St. ScMenker's Bardware Stort Gives this elegant stove, valued at 120.00, free to the one vvho guesses nearest to its weight with contenta. The contenta are placed in the 6tove by the Fair Committee, who will examine the coupons af ter the Pair is over and deside in case of tie. Name Address Weight of stove and contents . . Ibs ozs. Eg'-Tear this coupon out on the dotted Unes. Fifi in the blank places with your name and P. O. address. and your guess in pounds and ouuces. Fold coupon and deposit in box near the stove.


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