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The Ann Arbor Fluff Rug Factory S'ves i free a beautiful rug 6x9 ft., worth &18.00, to the one who guesses nearest to the actual weight of rug and pole as on exnibition in main hall. The pole is fnrnished by the Fair Committee who will examiAe the coupons after the fair is over and decide in case of tie. Name Address Weight of rug and pole lbs ozs . Tear the coupon out on the dotted Unes, fill in blank places with your name, postoffice address and guess. Fold coupon and deposit in box in front of rug. PLEASE EXAMINE THE RUG 3tven BwaL Hbeolutel frJ A Be&utifül Fluff Rüg wortb $ 1 6 ! aSKE COUPON Wl POR DETAILS. The Ann Arbor Fluff Rug Factor, GEO. P. SOHLBMMBR AND HENRÏ J. SCHLEMMER, ProprIETO1 Wc Manufacture 5tríctly First Class Fluff RUss froro your Oíd INGRAIN ai?d BRU55ELS CARPETS. Send or you oíd Carptes and we will guarantee satisfaction as to quality of work and ' ' -ALL KINDS OF, CARPETS THOROUGHLY CLEANED by our STEAA PROCN Send for one of our oirculars or get one in the Main Buiding wherp í BEAUTIFUL RUQ IS EXHIBITED. We have no - l Che Jlitit flrbor nisff R119 facion 409=421 me$t fiuron Sí. ann arbor, mich. Botb Pftones no. 17' Gorg ío Tbe Pair? Yes! EveryDoúy wH y? Becau$e ll)m m be $íen lbe fine$t dí$play$ of x x x : G06s ' JfrícuEttiraB TmpSements, etc. i The County Fair comes but once a year, but THE FAIR, pHropC Exingert THE FAIR. Opp. P. O. % Creáis J =1 ?air Is THE FAIR. Opp. P. 'o. is at 209 lï. main $t. Oppossite the P. 0. tbe year arouitd. me hm a complete line of Crockery, Lamps, Wassware, Chlnaware, Tinware, Hardware, Noüons, Dry Goods, Silver and Platedware, etc, etc. REMEMBER, WE SA VE YOU DOLLARS AND CENTS HERE ARE SOME FAIR WEEK PRIGES, ÍSterAÍlers' $1-25 Covered Chambers, $ 35 Toilet Sets, 1.00 and 5.00 Incovered Chambers, and i Cups & Saucers, per set .35 Plates, large per doz. f5 l2 Kirks Laundry Soap, 10 cakes for $ .25


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