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Sewer District No. 3

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Among the decisions handed down by the supreme court on Tuesday was one in the case oL Bryant Walker, administrator of the estáte of Dr. Corydon L. Ford vs the City of Ann Arbor, and which involves the legality of the sewer assessments made in this city. The deoision in the circuit conrt was tnat the property of the Ford estáte had been improved to the amounfc of the tax and should be made to pay for it. The suprerne conrt in effect held that "tbe custom prevailing in Ann Arbor of levying asses.srnents for tbe construotion of sewer s aooording to the value of the adjoining lands exolusive of buildings, is defectiva, and ao assessment against the estáte of Corydon L. Ford is set aaide on that acoount, the oi y being given the right to make a re-assessment on the basis of the value of tbe property, inclusive of the improvements made thereon. " The oase was a test case anJ while tbe majority of tbe sewer taxes assessed have been paid, there was abone 1,500 paid in under protest by Mary C. Wbiting, Ruin Waples, Mary V. Torrans, George V. Bullis, Noah W. Cheever, Franklin Parker estáte, Rev. R. L. Williams, A. H. Pattengül, Mrs. Jennie E. Cbeever, J. G-. Pattengill, Catherine E. Jones, J. O. Knowlton and wife, M. L. D'Ooge and wife, W. D. Harriman and Wilson.