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County Supervisors

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The snpervisors are with us once inore, with tbe blythesomeness and joyonsness of well-fed, nappy meu, with good oonsoienoe8 and teady for the few hours of hard work and tbe horiïs of sooial recreation while the cotnmitees work, whioh come with being on the board. Theyjwere well fed yesterday and most of them look as if fchey had been well fed for some time past. They are in good spirits, the apple of discord not haviug as yet been ;throwu in tbeir midst. Connty Clerk Sohnh called the anuual sessioii to ordor at 10 o'clookMonday morning. The followiug supervisors were present: Henry S. Deau, Sid W. Millard, John J. Fisoher, Herman Krapf, James Boyle, Arthnr Kitson, and G-. P. Allmendinger, Ann Arbor oity; C. Tuomey, Ann Arbor tonw ; Samuel Bibbins, Augusta; Geo. Walter, Bridgewater; John D. Clark, Dexter ; Frank Dettling, Freedom ; David E. Beach, Lima; Daniel E. Seyler, Lodi ; James Howlett, Lyndon ; 'Wm. Bnrtless, Manchester ; Wro. Donean, Nortnfield; Morton P. Case, Pitts'fleld; Arthur Van Sickle, Salem; Willis M. Fowler, Saline; Byron C. Whitaker, Soio; W. F. Hall, Shaion; Walter Voorheis, Superior; H. Lighthall, Sylvan ; Bert Kenny, Webster; A. D. Molntyre, York; Suinner Damon, Ypsilanti city, firsfc district; Elmer MoCallongh, seoond district; John L. Hnnter, Ypsilanti town. S. S. Bibbins was made temporary chairman and on rootion of John L. Hunter, B. C. Whitaker was elected chairman by acclamatiou. Mr. BibbiDS was made ohairman pro tem in the same manner. As the board stands 16 demócrata to 13 republicans the election of a democratio ohairman and a lepublicau chairman pro tem by a unaniinous vote was not only a distingnished compliment to both gentlemen but an indication of the barmony which is likely to charaterize the proceedins of the session. At the morning session Tuesday, Chairman Whitaker appointed the following oommittees: Equalization - Clark, Allmendinger, Donegau, Damon and Dettling. Criminal Claims No. 1- Beaoh, Dean, Hall. Criminal Claims No. 2 - Lighthall., Bibbins, MoCullougb. Civil Claims- Boyle, Millard, Hunter. To settle with County Officers - Voorheis, Case, Tuomey. On Salades of County Officers- Hall, Kitson, Molntyre. On Apportionment of State and County Taxes- Walter, VanSickle, Howlett. On Public Building? - Millard, Krapf, Lighthall. On Eejeoted Taxes- Seyler, Fowler, Fischer. To Examine Accounts of Supts. of Poor- Tuomey, Kitson, Howlett. On Fiuanoe- Dettling, Case, Walter. On Fraotional School Dibtricts - Donegan, Kenny, Claik. On Drains - Mclntyre, Burtless, " Voorheis. On Printiug- Millard, Krapf, Beaoh. On Contagious Diseases - MoCullough, Kenny, Hall. On Per Diem- Howlett, Fischer, Boyle. To Prepare Statements of Councy üx. peses - Beaoh, Hnnter, Tnoruey. Marvin Davenport was elected janitor by a nuanimous vote and Piof. A. D. DeWitt, superintendent of the Dexter schools, sohool exarniner by a vote of 15 to 14 for J. S. Savery of Northfleld. Tnesday afternoon County Drain Oommissioner Barry submitted his annual report which sbowed a total of $941.60 spent npon the drains oí Washtenaw oounty for work oompleted duriug the year. The work reported cotapleted is as follows: Willow Marsh Drain, Northfield ; cleaning Looney and Walsh Drains, Sylvan; oleaning Maybee Drain, Augusta; daepening and widening Pittsfield No. 3 Drain; constrncting Bridgewater No. 1 ; Monroe and Washtenaw Oouuty Drain, Augusta; oleaniug the Doane and ris ÍJrain, Uexter. Hon. Jas. S. Gorman, ofOhelsea, E. B. Norria of Aun Arbor, and Snmner Damon, tof Ypsilanti, wure eleoted county board of oaDVassers, with F. J. Hammond, of Augcsta, altérnate. E. P. Mason and Homer Cady were uoniinated for snperintendent of the yoor and Mr. Mason was eleoted by a vote of 15 to 9. The basis of equalization for oouuty taxes was fixed at f25,000,000. Yesterday the board visited the ccun. fcy house in a body and found the ings in better shape tbaa last year, new roofs having been put on and repairs made to some of fchero. The buildings at their best, however are, hardly snoh as a riob couDty 'ikeWashtenaw ehonld be very prond of. Althougb bnt little notioe had been givou a big dinner had been prepared at which the guests fed as if there had been a preminm offered for the man who could eat the most. There were 39 inmates of the eonnty house, a small number for so large a oonnty. The keeper was complimented for the coudition of the buildings and grounds. Today the special orders will be the fllling of vaoaucies in the list of persons who have the oaie of the burial of deceased soldiers and sailors and the report of the building oommittee. Next Wednesday the board will hear the report of the oounty treasurer, and receive bids on the nustody of the couuty funda from the ban ks, and on Thnrsday bids vill be reoeived from the newspapers for printing the proceedings and from physioians for the medical oare of prisoners in the oounty jail.