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Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine

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Her Health Restored THE misery of sleeplessness can only be realized by those who have experienced it. Nervousness, sleeplessness, headaches, neuralgia and tbat miserable ieeling oí unrest, can surely be curedby Dr. Miles' Restorjtive Nervine. So certain is Dr. Miles oí this iact that all druggists are authorized to rèfund price paid for the first bottle tried, providing it does not benefit. Mrs. Heury Bruns, vrife of the wcll known blacksmith at Grand Junction, Iowa, says: 'I was troubled with sleeplessness, nervousness, headache and irregular menstruation; guffering untold misery for years. I used yarious advertised remedies for female complaints besides being under the care of local physiciaus, wl.hout help. I noticed in Dr. Miles' advertisemeut the testimonial of a lady cured of ailments similar to mine, and 1 shall never cease to thank that lady. Her testimonial Induced me to use Dr. Miles' Nervine and Nerve and Liver Pilis, which . restored me tohealth. I cannotsayeuoug for Dr.Mlles'Kemedies." HHPPWWBH Dr. Miles' Remedies HL Dr. 'tffk are sold by all RV MileS"iS gists under a positive fcr ■k4a,_.SilX 2Í guarantee, first bottle IWlVII l? ; benefits or money fe,; ; {Restores "j funded. Book on mg Health 99 eases of the heart and gBT ' ■■ ' mj nervesiree. Address, mmiHtÊnnmmm DR. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart, tod.