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Democratic Union Silver Ticket

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State Ticket. jvernor- TIN R. WHITING, of St. Clair. utenant Governor- HAEL F. MCDONALD, ot Sault Ste. irie. eretary of State - E. LOCKWOOD, of Coldwater. uditor General- HN L. FEISBIE, of Hillsdale. ate Treasurer- :. EDGAR B. SMITH, of Detroit, torney General- YAL A. HAWLBY, of Ionia. nd Commissioner- RLTON PECK, of Lapeer. perintendent of Public Instruetion- 8. FLORENCE B. RENKES. of Hast íps. ember of State Board of Fducation- :OKGE K. WILLETS of Calboun. Congressional Ticket. ember of Congress, Second Congres"il District- KIN R. PIERCE, of Lenawee. County Ticket. sriff- IN GILLEN, of Saline. unty Clerk- X)B F. 8CHUH, of Ann Arbor, ■asurer - )RGE J. MANN. of Lodi. Attorney- BN P. KfRK. of Ypsilanti. jgister of Deeds- fford B. Huston, of Tpsilanti. rcuit CourtCommissioners - [LLIAM H. MUBRAY, of Ann Arbor. IACY L. TOWNEH, of Ypsilanti. Joroners - ENJAM1N F. WATTS, of Ann Arbor. ,HRISTIAN F. KAPP of Manchester. Surveyor- RILEÏ HOPPE, of Sylvan. Legislative Ticket. ember of the State Legislatura, First .THAN SUTTON. of Northfleld. mber of the State Legislature, Seconc riet - ENRY STOIPENHÜSEN, of Ypsilanti Town. State Senator- CHARLES A. WAED, of Washtenaw.