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4,100 readers of; the Ann Arbor and of the Ann Arbor Democrat i a little snrprised when tbey reaeir papers this week to note the ís incident to a consolidation of t leading weekly newspapers of iaw connty nnder the title of -Democrat. This consolidation cted for the common purpose of icing the interests of the readers, advertising patrons and the pro)rs of both papers. By nniting the eatnres of both newspapers the md obaracter of the new paper is to the advantage of the reader, iting the sobsoription lists the ;iser secares an appreciative anin 4,100 families each week. bliehing one paper instead of two blishers are enabled to do bnsiith a prospect of fair profit upon nvestmeut. io this connection it shonld not ,otten that the consolidation inalso the Ypsilanti Weekly Times was united with tbe Demociat ontbs ago and whioh gives to ;ns-Denaoorat a list in the city ilanti eqnal to that of any newsnblished in that city. Argus has been a familiar name ïshtenaw connty for 63 years. -s contain a concise and aocorate of the connty as that history has akiug sinoe 1835. Born at the ! the reformation of the demopaity under the leadership of w Jackson it bas always been a tent and insistent advooate for ratic principies. ;Ann Arbor Democrat now in its ear has, with the exception of rief abbeiation, also been an ext of the dootrines of democraoy ís enjoyed a leading plaoe among tenaw connty publications. e Argns-Demoorat vfill be true to aditions of which it is a consoli, and, in addition to fornisbing ïers the best weekly newspaper iigan.will endeavor to jnstify the itions of its friends as an effectvooate of the principies of the ■atio party. 1 Sky Olds ie congratulating himiat the sitnation in the nextlegis■will be anfficiently mixed to inore than a Dominal valne being npon bis services. is Caesar Bnrrows, the purely ital statestnan froru Kalamazoo, ooling away mnoh time aronnd ;wam of Gen. Alger siuce the is been hobnobbiug with the of the Pingree dynasty. In the meautime it will be well to keep au eye on Henry Sinitb aud bis old friend from Kentncky. Direot legislation will put tbe people in a position to langb at franchise grabbers and piofessional boodlftrs. The SpanLih ariny contraotors who furnisbed tbe Spanish with Mauser cartridges filled with hair and wooden bullers mast have been learning some Yankee trioks. There ia no loss without ome gain. Without ilcKinley's bargaio counter appointees the servioes of tbe military wbitewashing board would have been lost to the oonntry. The administration will eDdeavor te aave tbe strength of the standing army raised to 100,000 men at the next session of congres. This means a conriunation of the war taxes. The Main st. pavement is an object esson which is already convincng the property owners of unpaved streets tbar they are some disanoe behind the prooession. It inay not be ont of place to remark that tbe fellows who sold and the fellows who pnrehased the snpplies for the commissary department did not go to war in seareb of bealtb. They bad plenty of that before tbey went south. Those Pingree patiiots who expect anytbing more substantial than artistio turndowns from Burrows legislators will have some oorrections to make in their calculations. The two brands of statesmanship mix like air and gasoline, bot keep your rnatohes in yonr pocket. Those individuáis who confine tbeir literary pursnits entirely to the pernsal of Detroit Journal editorials are to be excused if they labor nnder the delusion that harmony between the state and federal wings of the republican party exists elsewhere than in the fertile imaginations of repnblioan editors. It was very nice in hizzexcellecy to invite Gen. Alger in out of the rain. But the governor should remember that this new acqnisition to his galaxy of bright, partioular stars knows more abont maobine politics than he does about war and will probably expect large divideods upon his uew investment. Orrin R. Pierce is a representa ti ve of the plain, cominoa people. He hasnot learned the ways of the lawyer nor tbe arts of. tbe public speaker but he is possessed of a fand of good bnsiness sense and a pleasing personaJity which will place hito in a position to render valuable assistance to the people of this congressional district. The efforts of the distinguisbed, bnt S8lf-appointed, peace ooramission which s exploring inter-stellar space for a peace basis broad enough to afford tanding room for Pingree and Burows at one and the same time are not rowned with that rneasnre of snccess alculated to banish bad dream.s from he slnmbers of the Ealamazoo statesman. The next issue of the Michigan Manal would satisfy a long feit want if, long witb tbe otber usef ui informatiou whioh that volume usually oontains, it would apprise the people just how mnch of tbe time of the army of taxeating olerks who swarm the state capitol is devoted to the business of the state and how much is devoted to plugging for republioan candidates. One wonld hardly think that the bns iness of the state of Slichigan has doubled in six years yet this must be the case. From 1890 to 1892 Gen. Stone did tbe business of the auditor general's office with 52 clerks. At the present time Auditor General Dix bas 104 men on his pay roll. It may be that the average efficiency of the republioan clerk is only one-half that of a democratie appointee, but a more reasonable conjectore is that these extra appointmeots were made for political purposes and that tbe salaries that the appointees have drawn from the state treasary has uot lessened tbe republican campaign fund. Tbe present condition of the city treasury should teach the city council a salutary leeson. The charter wisely restricta the som which can be raised by general taxation in any one year to one-half of one per cent. The oounoil has already spent tbis sum and has oontracted debts wbioh it bas not the cash at band to settle. Another provisión in tbe charter prevents the oounoil from issuing warrants ín excess of the snru which will be in the treasury on the first day of February next. In other words tbe council cannot issue orders on next year's taxes. If this unpleasant predicament shall have the effect of cheoking tbe somewhat reckless inanner io which the oity funds have been voted away, it will be well worth the vexation wbich it has oaused. There is a vagne suspioion tbat Paris Banfield's friendship for oandidate Kingsley bas a Etring attached to it. And the Hon. James O'Donnell, of Jaokson, aan oonsole himself wit-h the refleotion that those who don't danoe are under no obligations to pay the fiddler. Uutil Paris Banfield gets D. W. Springer's "O. K. " on his boom for ander sheriff we shall persist in regarding it SB one of Hatn Kingsley 's "strategie" moves. The able prevaricator who presides over the politioal colnmns of the Detroit Journal will find an ampie scope for his talents in reoonciling Üurrows' $2.00 lumber tariff with Ping's f ree leatber. And on this glorious Ootober rnoruing it ruigbt be well to note the faot that one honest Jobn Gillen, of Saliue, will be Washteaaw's next sheriff and a good one too. In footing up his thanksgiving Isdger Hazen will make dne nofce of the faot that Bill Thompson, Andrew Campbell, Andrew Jaokson Sawyer and others will be otherwise engaged next time. It may have been observed that there was a deep, bat not at all painful, silenoe in the vicinity of that hall in whiob Senator Bnrrows was to have talked to the Students' Republioan Club. 'The condition of mutual confidenoe and hepfnlness whioh prevails between Gov. Pingree and the federal wing of the republioan party sbonld be a lesson to dove-like manipulators of political wires. With a smile that ia child-like and bland the opulent editor of the Times observes the anspicions opening of the theater season and the upward tendenoy of telephone stock, while Oramer does the rest. For crude and unsophisticated lying Gommend ds to the repnblioan editor whose business it is to make the praotioal resnlts of the Dingley bilí coincide with the promises so freely made for that measure. General Porposes seems to occupy quite as prominent a place in the distribution of Michigan state funds as General Debility did in the distribütions of comniissary supplies to the volunteer soldiers. In "raising the wind" for this fall's campaign Mark Hanna has at his disposal a new and original sonrce of revenue in the military snpply contractors who played horsejwith McKinley?s commissary department. Senator Burrows evideutly prooeeds upon the assumption that it is of importance in politics, as elsewhere, to claim every thing and concede notbing. Once in a while the senator will rise to the dignity of statesmanship inspite of bimself. Ypsilantian: The demócrata ol Wasbtenaw oonnty made a good seleotion at tbeir oonvention in nominating O. R. Haston for register of deeds. He is a man tbat is well qnalified for the plaoe. Give him your support ou election day. The State Republican says State Treasnrer Geo. A. Steel has been a fatberto the state treasnry. Without qnestioning the veracity of the Republican we tnay say tbat be has been keeping most proflígate oompaoy for an exemplary parent. Those who ought to know say thafc Mr. Hanna, the hero of the "bnsiuess oampaign" of 1896, is abont to pnt sorne of the "quiokening spirit" into thecongressional oanvassnow on. Tbis will be weloume news for Henry Smith and bis old friend from Kentaoky. When they have an obdnrate and vioious horse to tame on the western ranches, as a last resort an expert rider monnts and foroes the beast at fnll speed over the prairie until it snconmbs from sheer exbaustion. This would seem to be the method the republican leaders bave adopted for getting rid of Pingree. The dernooratio party is opposed to election reforms whose only pnrpose is to make it more diffionlt for the voter to exercise bis franchise. The Anstralian ballot law is all right.but it is already hedged about with too many nonsensical regulations. Wbat we oeed is a oareful prnning of onr eleotion laws ratlier tban the passage of cew ones. Willard Stearns, the redonbtable editor of the Adrián Press, is running for circuit judge in the Lenawee-Hillsdale district. He has a hard distriot to run in but as he is a great believer in equal and exact justice to eveiyone and is no respecter of persous, a man being a man to him in wbatever clothes be may be diessed, he should give a good aooount of himself on eleotion day. Equal taxation is notan issne in the political oaiupaign whioh is now upnn us. Both of the great political parties have declarad in state oonvention for it. All of the denaooratic legislative noruineea are heartily in favor of taxing all kinds of property, oorporate as well as private, in the same proportion and in the same manner. Sorne of the republioan oandidates are, and more of them are not. Bat whafcever the present atcitnde of the repnblioan party and its oandidates toward a qnestion whicih tonohes the poobet of every taxpayer it will not be forgotten that, while that party has had an almost nuinterrnpted lease of power in this state fpr 40 years, it has persistently failed - failed even ander extraordinary pressnre - to grant relief to the people. If we are to jndge the fntnre by the past we have litlle to expeot f rom a repnblicau legislatnre in the way of a re-adjustinent of the bnrdens of taxation. Neither will it bf forgotten that the laws now upon the statnta books of Miobigan looking to the regulation and control of railroad oorporations and iinposiug a higber tax upon that olass of property, whicb bave stood the test of the oourts, were passed by a democratio legislatnre and signed by a democratie governor.