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E. F. Mills & Co.

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No. 120 Main Street. October Offerings. . . Prices to Make Lively Selling. . SSToñe ït ZZlZZ'ZZyol TüTyZ each jéa, J 0" CtomerS " ' 2 """" ""' 8T "" "" " the J"". A ' ""g" - ? pan Lgl .end v„„ ,o Oar large new OLOAK ROOM on the second floor is attracting a large busiHMP AlwaVS the l eflderS iti Drei; CinnH JÍÍIjÍ ness this fall. Just a few of the many items that teil the reason why : VKJr "-J ö LIIC U'dUCI In LTCbS UÜÜUS. Plush Capes, 16 inches long, 80 inches sweep, Thibet collar and edge.$2.98 jË ThíS VCar ITlOre TeaSOll for t thail eVd. M Flush Capes, 20 inches long, 92 inches sweep, Thibet collar and edge. 3.98 M[A Q ; , . - fflflWWm "♦ Finer goods equally cheap, up to $35.00 each - buPerl showing of 50c ISovelties at 39C per yd ■24 inch Kersey or Boucle Jackets, full satiñ lined. . $7 OO ImPorted and Dc-mestic Fancies at 5Oc per yd M inch Kersey or Boucle Jackets, half lined 498 f shades in $1-00 PoPlins at 75c per yd Special values at f 10.00 and $12.00- better goods at'all pric'es. .CrTePons ]arf ariety at 50c per yd r til in ioiported $1.25 Coverts at $1 00 per yd FUR COLLARETTES. Every price from $2.98 to $28.00 each. 1 ƒ AU leading shades in 52 inch Imported Broadcioth- value $1.50', at. .'..'. '. '. ." .' .' .' ' ' .' .' .' .' .'$1.25 per yd WOOL WAISTS in Plaids, Checks and Plain Cloths $1.00 to $3.50 - J Superb line of Novelty Weaves and Fine Imported Cloths from $1.00 to $2.00 per yd u ui tí Good Ingrain Carpets 25c per yd Rich black Peau de Soie- snperb value 75c per yd Better Ingrains at .'...'.'.'.'.' 31c and'39c per yd Elegant Black featm Duchesse, usual $1 value 75c per yd All Wool Ingrains only 48c per yd Better grades m all prices. " Famous Lowell 75c Ingrains at ' ' ' 65c Jer vd üancy Silks tor Waists at. 75c, 90c, $1.00, $1.25 up LACE OÜRTAINS- Specials at $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 a pair. Worth investigating. uil lines of Plain and Changeable Tatïetas. Satins, Chinas, &c, at popular prices. The PORTIERES- full line of colora $1 49 a pair largest and most complete stock of Silks in Washtenaw county. Excellent Oilcloths '.". ....... . 25c per yd Superb J T1VTrlIri1 7T1 A Yi EveiT quality, size and price you may ask Our IIAAirnU is comPlete and unequaled in the city. We cali your attention to Stock of )rl W RAK f0L' hl hildren'8' Men's and Ladies', Line of Hl lrNY Ladies'Fleeced25cHoseat.. 19c Pair SlOCK OT JMLflviyTT i-illV 25c to $3.75 a garrnent. lUOILl Children's Fine Ribbed Hose, value 20e at 15cpair s "rr'"" Ladies' Black 40 Gauge Hose, cheap at 25c paij ' Your dollar will buy more of reliable merchandise in our store than will be given you by any Detroit store while our four floors packed full of the latest and best in every line, offer inducements as regaras assortments equaled by few of the largest city stores. 120 MAIN ST. E. F. MILLS & CO. 120 MAIN ST.