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The board of supervisors has put íd lather a busy week, the most exoiting question before them being Uoder Sheriff Canfleld's bilí, whicb Supervisor Dean reported frotn the Criminal Claims oommittee last Friday with the recommendation that it be ent from #656. 39 to $546.59. Af ter a tbree days fiiege the bill vvae finally allowed Tnesday at $589.00. The principal cut by the oommittee and the bone of oontention was the striking ont of f85 for a trip to Chicago last fall in searoh of the wayward daoghter of a olergymau then residing in tbis city, who disappeared from Kalamazoo where she_ had been sent to school. This bill was' -made up of the followiug charges: Raiiroad f are to Chioago, $6.65, baoks in Chioago $15, street car far $5, assistant in Chicago $14, hotel $15, telegrapb $5.50, raiiroad f are to Ann ArJbor $6.50, six days services $18. Col. Dean, in making the report, contended that there was no criminal charge against the girl and no warrant had been issued in the case. Sheriff Judson asked permission to explain the matter. On the father's appeal to him to find the girl he had gone to the proseouting Bttorney, who gave him an order to send Canfleld to Chioago. It was disoovered that she had taken the train fromfKalamazoo for Chioago. In the useantime the sheriff said he had been working on the case and fonod she bad approaohed a doctor there to have a criminal operation performed. In eight or ten days sbe wrote her father from Vermont and Canfield was called back. The guilty young man paid an attorney's expenses there and back. Supervisor Bibbins thought tbe fellow should pay all the expenses. SnperviBor Dean suid " I am not so ure but what he t id. " Mr. Judson jast faintly caugbt this remark but heard enough to know its import. He was busy looking through the bilis, but he glanoed around sharply and said hotly, "Did yon say that he paid me? What did you say, Mr. Dean?" Mr. Dean replied "I said that I was not certain that the father of the girl didn't pay the bilis." Mr. Judson answered, "Well, I am certain that he Jiö not pay me anything." It seemed that Mr. Dean had also stated that the committee had decided to report adversely to allowing the dep-nties' bilis for bunting for ''stolen steers" in tbe township of York, which turned out to be smothered in a straw staok instead of being stolen. About this time Jndge Babbitt, wbo is acting prosecuting attorney, took a hand in the discussion and said that it was a very nnsafe preoedent for the board to establish that an officer shall not step out of bis tracks to bring gnilty parties to justice unless he has a warxant. When we approaoh aa offioer to aid us in pursuing a criminal we expeot him to act. For tbe board to say that it does not make any more distinotion in the protection of a mother, sister or daughter than for a steer is horrible to think of. -The board is here to protect the people of this county and tbis bilí wbiob will hold out assuranoe to the publio that they are beiag proteoted sbonld be passed. Supervisor Allnieudinger had moved tbat tbe report be accepted and adoptad. .Supervisor Millard moved to amend by adding $85 to the amount allovved by the oominitfcee. Mr. Allmendiuger thought if tbe father of the girl was able to pay $100 for the girl's sohooling he was able to spend some oL bis own money in looking her up. The Millard amendment was lost by .a vote of 11 yeas 12 nays, as follows: Veas - Millard, Fisoher, Krapf, Tuomey, Seyler, Burtless, 'Donegan, VanSickle, Lighthall, Molntyre, MnCnllough - 11. Nays - Dean,Allinendiuger, Bibbins, Clark, Beaoh, Case, Fowler, Whitaker, Hall, Kenny, Huoter, Damou- 12. The motion of Mr. Allmendiuger to allow the bill at f546.95 was then oarried. Monday, Mr. McCullough, of Ypsilanti, moved that tha bill be reuousidered. Mr. Dean, on bohalf of the oommitíee, said that tbe cominittee had very oarefally considered the whole matter. He reviewed the oase and said that he believed every dollar of tbe expense of going to Chioago would have been borne by the parents of the guilty yonng man, had the bill been presented to them. They had done all they oonld to right a wrong. They had taken care of the girl and had paid the expenses of (Continued on EIghth Page.) THE HOÜGHlilïBS (Continued trom First Page.) ui attorueyjto VeruioDt. The city of Cbioago nuaiotaics a pólice focre to look np these tbings and a telegram to Chicago would have done this work at trivial expense. If it was tbongbt that tbe bít] was ahrlucted, tbeu she was abduoted from Kalaraazoo and it beluuged to the cfficers of that county to look her np. Mr. Case made the point that it would take 15 affirmative votes to pass the bil!. After considerable diseussion on parliamentary points the bill was reoousidered by a vota of 17 to "1 as follows : Yeas- Millard, Fischfr, Krapf. Kitpoa, Boyle, Tunmey, Bibbius, Seyler, Howlett, Burtless, Donegan, VauSiokle, Iiigbtball, Keuny, Molutyte. Hunrer, McCullougb - 17. Naye - Dean, Allmendinger, Wal ter, Clark, Dettling, Beaoh, Case, Fovvler, Whitaker, Hall, Damon - 1Í. Mr. Millard moved that $60 be added to the bill as reoomniended. Mr. Dean moved an amendment that the bill be allowed as recommended by the cotnmittee. Mr. Allmendinger asked Sheriff Jodsod who tbe $14 in the bill given as aid for assistant in Chicago, had been paid to. The sheriff said he didn't know who it was. Mr. Allmendinger said, "Was it ever paid?" The sheriff rejoined, "It oertainly was." Mt. Allmendinger wanted to know why the uame was not put in the bill. The sheriff said, "It never is. Tbe pólice furni=h ds a man and ve don-t stopt to euqure who he is. " Mr. Allmendinger oott.nutd : "I have been told that assistants in these cases do their work gratis. Of oonrse if these men are suooessful in these searches tbey are usualiy rewarded by $3 or $5. Bnt in this case tbere was an utter failure. There is a ohai-ge of f5 foi street oar fares. Wby by takiug transfers in Chioago yon oan ride a 100 miles for 5 ceuts. This charge of f 15 for backs is preposterólas. Now, the guilty young roan in tbia case is known to the pólice and he should not be sbielded. His name sbould be pnblished. The name of the yonng girl was pnt in tbe papers. Last Saturday night a local paper carne out and said tbat it was for her protootion that her name was conoealed,and the reporter wbo wrote it is here today, and yet in bis sheet her name appeared in connection with this affair, and it was in all the Detroit aud Chicago papers. It bas been a notorioQS tbing that for a year or more witbin a stoue's throw of the connty jai 1, tbere bas been a house of prostiItatioD, and there have been open charges tbat eitber in the sheriff's posse or in tbe orowd controlled by the marshal, another of his deputies, mouey had been received for pólice protectiou. Ladies have come to me and said that tbe prisoners at the jail are allowed to make uight hideous. Liqnor bas been passed in through the bars to the prisouers aod they have wanted to know how long this wonld continue. I have told them that the man in charge of the jail seems in be omuipotent, bnt the lepnblioan uomiDee for sheriff is a reputable man and I had undeistood tbat the democratie norninee is a repntable man, and that after Jan. 1, these things wónld end. And for the first time in th bistory of Wasbtenaw coünty the report bas been sent out that a woman has been debancbed witbin the foor walls of tbe jail." Mr. Allmeninger closed with the as sertion that he ba been told that Ih9 sheriff had made his boasts in the streets that he oodd pass any kind of a bill through the board. Mr. Case said no warrant had been issned in the oase. Tbe girl was over tbe age of consent. Mr. Lighthall said that when a man avers that Mr. Jadson or any offioial has this board to his liking, it is nnfair to the boaid. As for bimself he oould uot be inflneuced by any man and the man lowers himself who pnts himself on record as the tooi of Mr. Jndson or aoybody eiee. Tbis trip was ordered by tbe proseouting attorney, aud he thought it onght to be paid with tbe cut of $25 propossd. Mr. Dean's ameudment was lost by a vote of 13 to 15 as follows: Yeas - Deau, Kitson, Allmendiüger, Walter, Clark, Dettling, Beacb, Case, Fowler, Whitaker, Hanter, Hall, Damon - 13. Nays - Millard,Fisoher,Krapf,Boyle, Tuomey, Bibbius, Seyler, Howlett, Burtless, Donegau, VanSickle, Lighthall, Kenny, Mclutyre, McCaliougb -15. Mr. Millard's motion to allow $60 on this bill was then lost by a vote oí' 14 in favor of the rnotion to 18 against, the chair ruling tbat 15, a majority of the meuibers-elect was neoessary. Mr. Bibbius deolined to vote and the yeas with this exception were the same as were oast against the Dean motiou. The board theu adjourned nntil Tuesday. Taesday morning the bill again oarae tip as unfinished businees, when Mr. Allmendinger moved that the bill be referred back to the committee. Mr. Bibbins moved to amend by addiög $42.50 to tbe bill asreoommended by the committee. After a heated discnssion this amendment was passed by a vote of 17 to 5. The nays were Alluieudiuger, Beach, Hall, Hunter and Damon. There wre absent or not voting, Dean, Case Millard, Lighhall and Cark. The motion as amended was then carried and the bill allowed at $589.09. On Friday tbe list of persons who have the care of the buvial of dteeased soldiers was goue tbrough aad conflrmed the sarn as last year with the exoepiion that Rioliard Whalian was snbstituted for M. E. McNeill in Dexter township. ' Oo Mouday afternoon, Mr. Millard reported the bill of the city for puving ia front of the oonrt bonse at $1,265.88. Snpervisor Case moved that the bill be disallowed. Messrs. Dean, Boy Ie, aud Allrnendinger spoke of the fairness of the oonnty paying their share for the improvement of tbeir property the same j s individuáis pay for improvetuents ' o tbeir property. Mr. Wbitaker was n favor of paying a prrtiou of tbe bill. Mr. Case nrgoed against the bill. Mr. Boylfi moved that the bill be allowpd f oue-balf. This was lost aud Mr. Allinenditjger mover) tbat the bill be llowed ar. 500. This wa3 also lost y a vote of 10 tol?. Tbe yea votes were tbo saven city supervisors u3 Burtless, VanSieble aud Wbittaker. 'be bill was tben riisnllowed by 18 to 9. Bills of $50 eacb for taking care of parrow orders froia tbe treasr.rpr and lerk were disallowed and ou Tuesday illa of $15.00 aud $9.50 from the lerks of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti were isallowod without debate ot división. Deputy Sheriiï 'Wackenbut's bill for JG80.49 was allowed at $072.24. Deputy Sberifi Farrell's bill for 173.33 was allowed at $50.73 and Deputy Sheriff Hubn's bill for $180.52 was alowed at $178.52. Tbe building oorennittfle's report howed that $1,233.56 had been es)ended foi rebnildiug tbe stone steps on' ;hrea sides tif the oonrt house square; bat $1,015.87 had been expended for eshingling the roofs of the oonuty loóse buildings and repairiug and re)ainting the buildings; that $514.07 ïad been expended for repairs to the ourt house aud jail and fnrnitnre for he same aud tbat their own bilis had Deen $199.16. On Wednesday three inore öeputy heriífs" bilis were allowed. Jacob Staöan's bill foi $195 41 was allowed at $193.12. Stanton Ferguson's bill :or $59.12 was allowed at $57.12, and Louis Wiloox's bill for $77.54 was alowed at $66.54. Dr. Blair's bill for 10 for attending a patiënt who bad )een removed from the jail to a private )ous9 was disallowed, as beiug a mater for the city to care for. Dr. Shaw's bill for services in the Beokwitb oase was brougbt up again his year. Mr. Case moved that the joard refuse to huve the bill brought jafore the board which was oarried by á vote of 18 to 4. The matter of equalization was brought up yesterday &ud will be fonnd n another oolnmn. Dr. Blairwas made jail pbysician lor the ensning year. The printing of the proceedings of the board in pamphlet form and in the newspaper was awarded to the Courier for $91.25 and the Hausfreund-Post was given $60 to priut the proceedings in Germán. Tbe custody of the couutyfnnds was awarded to tbe Ann Arbor Savings Bank which pays tbe county 2 per cent interest ou daily balances and charges 5] per cent interest ou overdrafts.