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Nineteen Postmasters

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Postmaster Pond is the 19th postmaster of Ann Arbor. The list is not a long one. The office was established in 1825 and John Allen, who was rheu a demoorat was the first postmastsr. Juhn T. Allen, bis brotber, and a whig, sncoeeded bina in 1831. Anson Brown, democrat, was postinaster in 1832 and took the office to the fifth ward, delivering the letters of the upper town from his hat. In 1834 Charles Thayer, deniociat, was made postraaster. He was snooeeded by Mark Howard, a whig. George Danforth, a deuiocrat, followed, to be sncoeeded in turn by F. J. B. Crane. Then followed Caleb Clark, republioan; Heni'y D. Bennett, democrat; John J. ïompsou, rfipublioan ; Richard Beahan, democrat; Claudios B. Graut, republican ; Henry S. Dean, republican ; C. G. Clark, repnblioan; J. C. Knowlton, repnblican ; Edward Duffy, demoorat; Sugene E. Beal, repnblioan; S W. 3eakes, democrat aud Geo. H. Pond, republican. Politically Ann Arbor bas iad eight deinooratic postmaster, eight repnblioan postmasteib and two wbigs; ;he politios of Postmastur Crane not 3eing known to the writer. John Gillen, the demooratio caudidate for sheriff, is still siok at his home in Saline. This sickness oomes at a very bad time for Mr. Gillen as he is a good deal of a hustler, who makes a good impression on those be meets, and it iöterferes with his personal oanvass. ünder the oiroumstanoes his friends should redouble tbeir exartioas in his favor throughout the county. Those who have expeuted to see hirn may know tbat his serious illness has iuterfered with his campaign plans. Honest Jobn Gillen is too good a man and too deserving of support to be allowed to sulfer at the pnlls because of his ill11888. The Adü Arbor high sohool team warmed the Detroit high sohool boys by a soore of 3 to 0 in a game here Saturday. The Detroit boys were altogether too light to cope with the Ann Albor team and were extreinely weak in defensa work. It is the flrst time that the Ann Arbor team has had a walkover with the Detroit eleven and it is expected that they will easily win ' the state high sohool obampionship.