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He Took $200

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Harry Williams, tbe colored hostler af Sheriff Jodson, with a penchaut for taking white girls driving, was bronght jaok froiii Indianapolis by Deputy Waokfiuhut Wednesday to aDswer to the charge of erubezzling 200 belonging to Kate Ebeiwein, a domestio employed by the sheriff. Williams was originaly put in jaii forstealiug oigars and aíter serving bis time he stayed on iogratiating bituself in tbe favor of bis employer and of many aoquaintancea inoidentally including the girls. Kate Eberwein bad 195 in the Ann Arbor Savings Bank. This Williams persuaded her to withdraw ou the gronud that the bank was goiug to break. She gave him a check but as he oonldn't cash it without ths book he retnrned with that. He gave the girl the nioney but the next day he told her that the story abont the bank was ah a ruistake aud that if she would put the inoney back she would draw $3 or $4 interest in a short time. She gave him the book and $200 in nioney. He returued with a forged entry in the book but the money was in bis pocket. That uight, Wednesday of last week, Williams disappeared. Suspicin being aroused the faot of the embezzletnent was discovered. A reward was offered and he was arrested in Indianapolis. He had about 100 of the ïiiouey left when arrested. He had bought two snits of ülothes and had been traveliug in sleepers aud living high. He will undoubtedly go to Jackson.