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Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estate Transfers

Arthur F. Sheldon to Anna Sheldon, Ann Arbor, $7,000.

Betsey A. Mason to City of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, $1.

F. Pat.tison et al. to John P. Fryer, Ypsilanti. $1.

J. W. Knight to Fred Hertler, Ann Arbor, $250.

L. Gruner and wife to Lucy B. Whitlark, Ann Arbor, $622.

A. H. Sage to John R. Bowdish and wife, Ypsilanti, $500.

Betsey Green to Richard Clinton, Dexter, $500.

Richard Clinton to Perry E. Noah, Dexter, $500.

Lewis Schleweis and wife to J. W. Rauscbenberger, Maobester, $350.

Walter C. Howitt and wife to James Bneston, Ypsilanti, $2,000.

John S. Foley to James Ottley Ann Arbor, $1,700.

Wm. H. Saylor to Huron Valley Association, Ann Arbor $1.

Daniel Tilden to George Tilden, Ann Arbor, $100.

George Tilden to Daniel Tilden and wife, Ann Arbor, 100.

Mary S. Tibbals to Catherine C. Caspary, Ann Arbor, $1,800.

Theo. M. Burgess and wife to Cornelia H. Burgess, Augusta, $1.

Etnily Howard to Wm. E. Hoover, Milan, $1.