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When Bismarck Lost His Head

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A story is told of Bismarck when he visited London as far back as 1843. He was taken by his entertainers to the noted brewery of Messrs. Barclay &. Perkins, as was a certain Austrian general on another memorable occasion. His reputation as a beer drinker had preceded him, and his hosts presented him with an enormous tankard of old ale. The size of the beaker conveyed a challenge which the young Champion of the Prussian Junkers was not slow to accept. This is his own account of what followed, as told b him to Sir Charles Dilke: "I seized the tankard," said he, "and I thought of my country and drank to Prussia and tilted it till it was empty. Then I thanked my entertainers - courteously, I hope - and succeeded in maldng my vay as far as London bridge. There I sat down in one of the stone recesses, and for hoiv s the great bridge went round and rotu;d