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A DETROIT LADY festines to the Wonderful Efficacy of Dodd's Kidney Pilis. Mrs. Mary Coburn Cured of Female Weakness After Suffering for Years- No Other Medicine Gave Relief- Dodd's Kidney Pilis Cured. Detroit, Oot. 17. - "In the midst of ife we aie in death," is a faot tbat honld iiupress ns deeply - so deeply as o touch the heart of our hearts, the onl of onr souls. Women, onr mother8, wives, dauuhters, sisters have it n'ongbt home to them frequently and mpresBively. Thé diseaaes tbat torture them are legión. Their snfferings never ceaee. Of late, however, the women of Miohigan have been able to boast ;hat they possess the means of not only relieving their suffeiings, bot of curng tbeir diseases. They bave bad and are making use of the famoos Dodd's Kidney Pilis. Mrs. Mary Cobnrn, 325 Orleans st.l of tbis oity, was a great sufferer from ?emale Weakness. For six years the disease wrung her sonl with agony, despite all the efforts of ber physioians lespite all the inedioines sbe used. Ko pen oan describe, no imagination oan realize what she euffered. There are thousands of ber sisters thongh, who know just what she endnred - for they are suffering similar tortures daiAt length when it seemed as if tbere was no help but deatb for ber, phe was induced to try Dodd's Kidney Pilis The resul t waa the same as in all oases of Kidney Disease, when Dodd's Kidney Pilis are used - a speedy and ooraplete oure. The information oontained in tbe above is enough for any vtoinan who suffers as Mrs. Cohurn did. Sbe will give Dodd's Kiduey Pilla a trial, and tbat is all they need. It will oonvinoe tbe most unbelieving that Dodd's Kiduey Pilis oure even the very worst oase of the Disease of Woinen.