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Your Fortune Told

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A REMARKABLE SCIENTIFIC AND 3 WONDERFUL SCIENCE. f "SOLAR BIOLQGV,"! $ 1HB ONLY TRUE SCIENCE BY WHCH YOUR FUTURE CAN TRULY AND ACCURATELY BE FOHEJÜLO. V A ■vhIvíIW 2ARAH, the world-nownod Egyptian Aatrologer, vrbo has boen ereating euch # w VwfcuMnÉmi!' tonishmont thorougtiout. Europe for the past five years, will give a truthful, accurate, V T -,vSAbHbí planöt horoecope delincación of your Ufe. lío will givo your personal appearance, w M 4?W : 'ÖBli PSflr position, oharactcr, ability, tast, probable length of lifo, possiblo accidenta, advice and y W.t, fcuggesüonB on love allaire', marriage, friends, enomies speculatlon, business matters, etc. Jft SH MPHEG Tft DC flD UflT Tfl DC You can info"Q yourself thoroughly on V A 4 DlUllLU iü SL Ufi RUI IU DL. thia and on any other queationi of your M Zm gfPMaaBSS ' r- ' ""-- - Vt present and future lifo. HBI ? A SINGLE ANSWEFÍ MAY LEAD YOU TO MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, f W EgzSÊSm$' -i V Send 10 cents aud gire exact date of birth and I will immodiately return you a A JfSfk'vwJi?1' truthful horoseope rcadingof your life, auci prore it to be all true by I mal T tf '' ij I li .PV thii offer ai & test trial. All Communications strictly confiduütial. Addre3S %ZARñHtheASTROLOGER, look Box 4O3, PMIadetgthSa, Pa, V A íVom PRFSS :- " Zarab tbe ATOLoam U certaiolr aatonUlilng thouaands. HU wgQJrful Dredlotfoni and tests are baíod