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6 6 CLOAK DEPARTMENT SPECIAL FOR 7 DAYS One Week, Saturday, October 22 ie 29. inordinate sacnfices in sellmg. In Washtenaw Connty it occupies the whole field without contest or competition 7 in W ;■ ïWeve''' UnUSUa! onditions confront it. It is called upon for still greater efforts, still greater' acl,ievements. It comes of andl TT -T eVeiT Clak dePartment in -Detroit and enters the content for supremacy with a fearlessaes born of a knowled 'e of and confidence in its own resources. It boldly throws down the gauntlet and challenge each and every one to comparison of values Jjp Judge Us by This First Offering íüá 1p WÈÊ We liave no fears for the result. ' Wlfr-y 'féÈSfi' Not one style but many- but none of them regular $10.00 Jackets. They're else'Y % ■mÊÊÈQ'! ''■'%■ -■'''' 7il? 12'50' 815'00' S10-50 and $1S. 00 without exaggeration- made of Kersev kmJj fíí;.V-'f ' í' costing 2 a yard, lined with the most expensive Satins and Fancy Silks- taiíJÉ'.[f '' . , ':W' O1'ed bJ the best artist in the best possible way- they are simply wonders"at the price. jfiöKrlffli WE GIVE THEM to YOU for SEVEN DAYS ONLY to bring added fame to our already famous cloak department. L mmm n ■ -Regular $10.00 Jackets, Black, Blue and Brown Kersey, Covert Mixture, Fine BonJtfömËê P J 3 C S' aU hned with best Satins and Silks box fronts sing'e fronte, dozens of styles, mmm ïgk mJ for three days $7.50. 3 L JmlmWk OllCli C ntJtlC 4. per cent we save you on anJ' Pllls!l Yo" wil1 readilybeéÊÊÊi&rM& 1 I lloii VClIJCo heVe thiS When ■yOU See the ele?ant Silk Plnsh Rain Proof Capes you HIB get here for $6.75, $8.50, $9.00 and $12.50, plain or embroidered. iöE rilt 1 O I I t KGWO Any kïlid or style of make in the market i):it not priced as M WUlldiWliCo you find them elsewhere. Here you get mSg A good serviceable Coney Collarette, fancy lined, stylish cut, 10 inch cape, x-w ■■■'livB & high collar, for Vy g p;B WÊ E!ectric Seal Collarettes, Astrachan Yoke, wear guaranteed, at $3.5O. ffiL 3% S$' '"- 'i'HT Krimmer Coüarettes, Light or Dark, aU in Best Styles, at $5.O. jjjr DRESS m GOODS Notice Special Prices . . . For One Week. Black Crepon, (third purchase this year) f 1.35 quality, one week 90c Black and Colored Serge, 45 to 50 in., 75c goods 52c 50 in. Black and Oolored Serge 44c Black and Colored Cheviot 75c 36 in. Black and Colored Serge, all wool 25c A sraall lot of all wool Novelty Goods, 40 in. wide, to close. . .35c A new lot of Plaids at the very low price 9c Plaids at 15c, Plaids at 25c, and a large line of very fine plaids. 40 in. All Wool Coverts 5Oc Broadcloths are very good this year. We have a large line in all colors. We have a ful! line of Evening Shades, in Cream, Light Blue, Pink and other colors in Henriettas, Albatross and Lonsdown. AlsoiRemnants at Remnant Prices. - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - l? Lining Department Our Lining Department is now complete in all the newest styles and qualities of dress iinings. We car ry a complete line of Goddard's and Gilbert's iinings and the public knows there are no better Iinings made. Selicias in Black and all Colors f rom 10c to 35c Near Silk in all Colors at 20c Fancy Taffeta for 12c, 15c, 20c, 25c Plain Colored Taffetas for 5c, 8c, 10c, lic, 15c, 18c, 20c Best quality Hair Cloth from 25c to 60c a yard 100 yaids of Spool Silk, best quality made, 7c. Other retailers charge 10c. Ladies' Shoe Dept The económica! shoe buyer is the one who sees First, that the shoes u-e of good qnality. Second, that they are fairiy priced. That the Shoes we sell are of good qmility. " Knowing one will not doubt that they are fairly priced. Even uur competitors will admit that our . - $3.00 SHOES . . For Ladies (which we have in all widths, AA to E) are the BEST SHOES for the money in the city (none excepted) not even others $3.50 shoes. We are showing them in Welts, (extensión solé) Turns and' Flexible McKay's in Wide and Narrow lïound Toes, Lace and Button. Kid, Box Calf and French Calf, in factwe have everythingand anything that the foot reqnires, both for dress and street wear. SHOE DEPARTflENT REAR OF FIRST FLOOR Qreat Values in fr Men's Underwear NATURAL WOOL- A fine grade of pure natural woo'l- #r.oo. CAMELS HAIR - The finest graded gannent on the market, $1.50. FANCY WOOL - A fine heavy garment for service, $1.50. NATURAL niXED WOOL- 34 wooJ, a Kreat valué, does not shrink, 75c. OUR LEADERS- The greatest 50c line that can be purchased- Heavy Two Thread Fleeced, Derby Ribbed, in' fancy and colors, fleeced. Glosing Out Sale m Odd Lots. NATURAL WOOL- Broken line of sizes, reduced from $1.00 to 59c FINE RED WOOL-Broken.line of sizes, reduced from Sx.oo to S9c. MIXED COTTON- Here is the only thing that ever happened, 16c. MERINO AND DERBY RIBBED GARMEN TS- i„„'f. 1-. J " - ■ Vp 9 IVIACK & COIWIPANY 4 DRY GOODS 4