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Henry C. Smitb, the repnblioan nomines for oongress from tbis distriot, evidently meant what he said when he assnred the gentleman at the convention in tbis city that he "was for anything to get him. to congress. " The following olipped from the Detroit Evening News of Ocfc. 7, unmistakably indicatHS that Henry bas great faith in the Pingree bulldozing methods of winning ont in an election. The New says: "Henry C. Smith, wbo is rnnning ior congress in the second district, is a candidato after the governor's own beart. He is condncting, on bis uwn account, the same kind of a snit against the Lake Sbore, that the governor has been oondnoting against the Michigan Central - to compel the company to sell family mileage books. The gövemor, on this aoconnt, likes him better tban tome of the otber congressioual norninees in Michigan. 'Tve been making ep sebes now for three weeks," he told tt governor, "and I teil them at ev9ry meeting tbat we're not sroing to let np on oor fight on tbe tailroads until we bring them to time." Now Henry is ente enongh to see that Pingree's alleged war on the railïoads was the means of hoodwinking many[demourats into voting for Pingree in 1896, and as long as his platform is "anything to get to congress, " he is xaaking a great effort to work the governor's sóbeme, and with tbe monumental oheek for wbich he is famed, he is deliberately giving his audiences tbe false impression tbat it was directly dne to his efforts that the famons JLake Sbore mileage ticket case was won in the supreme uonrt. Now the true faots in tbis matter have been given in at least 10 newspapers tbroughout the distriot - facts that are on record - and they prove conclusively that Mr. Smith had nothing wbatever to do with the oase with the possible exception of the nse of his name as complainant, and he would not even pennit this nntil the state agreed to pay his law partners $300 for making the argnment. Althongh Smith is for "anything to get him to oorigrees" he has not dared to deny tbis, bnt he goes right ahead telling the people how HE was responsible for the viotory. Even if he had played a prominent part in the case, it must be admitted that he was paid well foi his service, and he wonld have very little excuse for posing as a reformer bnt the despioable featnie of the wbole matter is Smitb's attempt to slide to congress by snob a stolen glory route. Every member of the bar in Miohigan knows tbat Smith became fiigbtened at tbe expense of the case and the prospecte of losing his position as tion lawyer for the Lima Northern and Wabash railroads, and his andaoity and netve in clahning other people's glory has made him the laughiug stook oí the entire legal profession. It is unfortnnate for Smith that so Ung as he was perfeotly willing to "be for anything to get to oongiess" that he did not select something that would not cali for so muoh unbeooming, downright fibbing. The oharter benind whioh tbe Michigan Central hides when called pon to conform to the regulations imposed upon other railroad oompanies doing business in this state, provides tbat at any time after Marco 28, 1876, the state may, by a two-thirds vote of both honses of the legislatnre, alter, amend or repeal that franohise, and that upon so doing the state shall beoome liable to the railroad oompany for tbe damage snstained by the' company by rèason of sn oh repeal. The real qnestion thus tnrns upon the amonnt of damages. In the opinión of high authorities these damages would be nominal. It will not be contended that the legislaI tnre in creating the Michigan Central I railroad oompany intended to invest it with puwers of perpetual extortion. It was etablished as a business enterprise upon a basis wbioh, under the then axisting conditions, promised fair return upon the investrnent. When changing oonditions make the terms of that compaot burdensome to the people and give to the corporation undue and unjust advantages, alterations in it whioh will grant relief without depriving the stockholders of the company of a reasonable profit upon their investment will not inflot very serious damages. The Evening News was hard up for sensational matter when it published that cock-and-bull story about Wellington R. Burt solioiting democratie campaign fnnds from the railroad companies. The railway managers are too well advised of the situation to do anything to advanoe the interests of the democratio party. They have been tied to the repnblioan party with tolerable success for 30 years and they are not going to break a part now. The real danger of the oorporations lies in the direction of demooratic suocess. It shonld be olearly demonstrated to the farmer by this time that the temporary stimulation given to the prioes of farm producís sinoe the passage of the Dingley tariff was not tbe work of man but of nature. It did not resnlt from the careful management of onr own resources but from the calamities of otbers. It has also demonstrated the faot that prosperity is bred npon the farm. The tas tinkers have ignored this. Their plan is to bring prosperity to the people by taxing thern for the benefit of the manufactnrers. But it won't work. The democrats are running veterans of the Spanish-Amerioan war for oounty clerk in Livingston and Grand Traverse counties, and for prosecuting attorney and circuit court commissioner in Washtenaw. The republicana give tbem a circuit court commiásionership in Washtenaw. Tbe friends of the soldiers will notice the difference. Republioans who voted the Mark Hanna ticket two years age nnder the delnsion that an international agreement was sometbing more tban a oampaign myth will note that the repnblican platforms of this year have abandoned fnrther pretense in tbat direction and declare for the gold standard pure and simple. The demooratio legislatnre of 1891 passed a law wbiob made corporations pony up a franchise fee. The state realized $26,024.57 from this fee the first year, or half the expenses of tbe state department. Did the republioans ever exaot anything but campaign oontributions from coiporations? Under republican rule the rioh miuing coiporations of northern Michigan escaped taxation for 30 years. The democratio legislature during Gov. Winans' administration repealed this law exempting mining companies from taxation and their preperty has since been taxed like other property. Illinois listened to the noneyed words of promise two years ago and went 100,000 for "MoKinley,protection and bonest money," and yet it is now neoessary for men to shoot eaoh other down in tbat state in order to seoure a chance to earn a living. A favorito pastime of hizzexcellency jost now is dragging the smooth personality of Jnlins Caeser Burrows around by the seat of the trousers mucb after the manner that a misohievous puppy playa with a balf grown kitten. Our friend Wedemeyer told thetboys over in Lenawee last week that Hank Smith 's majority in Washtenaw would not be less than 800. "Wedey" must have faith to burn. While MoKinley is going abont the country talking op bis own particular make of prosperity, like a patent right man ia a backwoods districts, ooal minere at Virdea, Illinois, are maintainiog their rigbt to earn a livelihood with Winohester rifles. The war investigating oommission may snooeed in whitewasbing the frauda perpetrated iü the commissary department, bnt it oan't wipe ont tbe recolleotions of the boys wbo suffered throngh tliis ineffioiency and peonlatiou. It may be said without fear of oontradiotion tbat those who are opposed to the taxation of the property of railroad coiporations to the same extent tbatother property is taxed are profiting in soine way by bolding such opinions. If Spanish statesmen know a good thing when they see it they will insist ou intarfering, on the ground of humanity, in bebalf of the Anericau workingmen who are saffering fiom MoKinley prosperity. It bas at last dawned npon tbe repnblioan editor that he ranst lay aside the pleasant pastime of writing obituaries of the democracy and get down to business. Iu this oonneotion "business" means almost anything bnt telling the truth. Remember when yon lick a reveoue stamp that yon are belping to pay the salaries of papa's irrespousible boys who were appoiDted to responsible positions in tbe military service, and then look pleasant - if you oan. The war tax has come to stay nnless it is relieved by an income tax. We will get an income tax when we get a democratie congress and a snpreme couit which does not ohange its mind every time it looks toward Wall st. State salaries under Pingree aggregated $422,8Q6.29; nader Winans, $290,550.92. The people paid thereby $ 132,304.47 more for salaries nnder the former tban under Mr. Winans eoonomical reign. The farmers in the vioinity of Hudson, almost to a man, will vote for O. it. Pierce for oongress - a significant faot for farmers in otber portions of the district to ponder over. - Hudson Gazette. The brand of gooi governineut for which Supervisors Dean and Allruendinger sacrifioe their valuable time upon the board of supervisors seems to have been oonceived with "rualice aforethonght. " The danger to oor institntions lies not in theanarehy of irresponsible mobs nor in the demaiids of organized labor, but in the unscrupulous use of the power of couceutrated capital. Henry C. Smith is a raihoad lawyer. Orrin R. Pieroe is a suooessful business man. Wbich of these gentlemen will best represent the interests of the second distriot in congreBS? The democratie oonnty tioket is composed from top to bottom of clean and competent men. There is no reason wby any demoorat should refase to support it - or republican either for tbat matter. Senator Burrows is said to be making two and tbree speeones a day. It may be tbat tbe senator is talking againet time - the time when the other fellow takes his seat. "In the interests of hnmanity" we demand tbat Mark Hanna interfere and put a stop to tbe barbarous alaughter of Burrow's pasifioos by Piogree insnrgents. A republioan contemporary term demooratio campaign matter ligbt literatura, Tbe charge is admitted. It tbrows a flood of ligbt into the dark places whioh the enemy would conoeal. Wben tbe politician oonfides in yon a startling political secret, remember that little secrets are oornmonly told aguio, bat great ones are generally kept. The philosopber who said that men speak best npon what they know most had no reference to the orators who are exploiting the glorious aobievements of Dingleyism. Major John P. Kirk's service to his oountry has neitber detracted from his acoomplishments as a lawyer nor bis popnlarity with the people. It is well that no serious responsibility is incurred by tb.e candidate who qualifies bis promises with an "if. " Republioan oampaign managers ara beooming alarmed at tbe apathy shown by the rank and file. The war taxes fit the Dicgley bill deficit like a sohooner of beer does a thirsty tramp's stomaob. Among the other aohievements of the republioan party is tbe restoration of the parity between wheat and silver. And the tronble witb the republioan oandidate for oongress is that he frequ8Dt.]y reflects withont proper food for refleotion. Acoording to the Ann Arbor Argus "General Purposes" in Miohigan's tax levy, mast be a Lieutenanfc-Geneval, with a big staff. - Adrián Press. Almost every day seems to be wash day witb republioan politioians on the board of supervisors and they have already gct ont a fnll line of dirty ]inen. Jaoksoa demoorats and fnsionists olaim that oounty by 700 majority for the fnsion ticket. This means the eleotion of Orrin R. Pieroe. It is so disagreeable in Gen. Miles to iusiet on talking wben his sileuce wonld be highly appreciated hy the war department.