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BOTH PHONES-, ■- 300-304 S. MAIN ST., - ANN ARBOR. Irresistible Logic... Of high values and low prices appeals to all purchasers. To make the high values higher and the low prices lower is a problem ever being worked out in our store. Never were values higher or prices lower than at present. If you investígate- shop around- you will flnd that it pays to buy here. What we say in this paper we do in the store. Dining Room Furniture Chairs, Oak, Cane Seat at ksJ $4.75 a set. ffirtf Oak, Leather Seat and Back, at J $9.75 a set. BE SI Others $2.75 to $27 a set. I ] " extend 6 ft. long, $3.oo. m- ferN Elegant ones, full guar= HM anteed oak, at only $n. Kashka RUgs, 3060 ii). $1.49. We've the finest line of COMBINyv ATION CASES ever shown in this pffefjl city. It's not prices alone, butquality Sffi and prices that move them so fast. rílmp! Examine the case we offer at $9.00-= S=2 it's only one of many bargains in this IFlIiI W. line. jpÖCI See ihe lashka RUg at $1.49. rrV_ Brass Trimmed Iron Beds, sizes 3, (]AV_t ft. to 4 ft. 6 in., $2.75. 01 Beauties with heavy brass rod at , T ]j ioot and head, only $5.75. Other kinds at other prices. IN OUR DRAPERY DEPARTMENT You will find the uewest things in Nets, Muslins, Etc, for Sash Curtains, all kinds of Lace, Tapestry, Bagdad and Silk Curtains. Prices that catch your eye and qualities that do the rest. No Rügs like the Kashka ai $1.49 10 bars Kirk's Soap - 25c BAZAAR 7 rolls Toilet Paper - 25c QDPriAïc Lava Cuspillores ' IOc ortlLlALo Ammonia in Pint Bottle - 5c Nickeled Tea Pots - 25c