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Mr. and Mrs. William Goetz have a little son at their house. The Cosinoramina at the Athens Theater Monday night. The University library has increased to 122,926 volumes and 18,461 pamphlets. Mrs. Leonora Aldrich has been granted a widow's pension of $8 a month. President Angell lecturea in Detroit, Jan. 12, in the Y. M. C. A. Star Conrse. E. B. Norria is the name of the dernooratio candidate for state treasurer of New York. Arieu Selleck and Edna M. Barhydt, of this city, were married at Saodwich, Ünt,, Sept. 28. The Northside church building fund ia $130.80 ahsad from the work of the ladies at the fair grounds. At the Baptiefc state conventon in Owosso Wednesday, Prof. W. W. Beman, of this city was elected treasurer. C. H. Oady is platting a subdivisión between Packard and State sts. and the plat namesone of the streets Dewey ave. The morning train south on the Ann Arbor road now goes at 7:25 a. m., which isftveminates earlier than fonnerly. Miss Loving was elected vice ] dent of thb Michigan Library tion at their meeting in Bay City this week. ' President James B. Angell will respond to the toast "International Arbitration" at the peace jubilee banquet in Chicago this evening. Dean Seabolt took his old place behind the desk in Davis & Seabolt'a grocery Monday after serving six months in Uncle Sam'a arniy. Joe Seabolt ia home on a ten day furlough. Joe has been combatting the evils of camp life at Chickamauga and Knoxville with Co. B, of Adrián. Harrison W. Baasett, of Saline, has declined the republican nomiuntion for surveyor and Jerome Allen, of Ypsilanti has been put on the ticket to fill the vacancy. Miss Catherine Eiting died Friday at her home on W. Seventh st. , of consumption, aged 26 years. The funeral was held Sunday afternon at Zion's church. John C. Mead has not fully recovered from his illness ot a year ago, hie steps are feeble and hesitating, yet it is hinted he oould be induced to run for an office this fall. The Woman's Christian Temperanoe Union will hold it.s regular semimonthly meeting, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, in the rooms over the post office. Subject, "The Plebiscite-" Mis. Angell has generously ooDsented to give a talk on "Constantinople," tomorrow afternoon, at 3 o'olock, at the Ladies' Library building. Adniission 25 cents. All are cordially invited. The farm personal of Benjamin Culy, deceased, will be sold at auction on the premies one and one-half miles soutbeast of Dexter village on the Ann Arbor road on Monday, Oct. 24, 1898, at one 1 o'clock p. m. Dr. Koy S. Copeland will address the men 's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. next Sunday at 2 :45 p. m. Dr. Copeland is an interesting speaker and no one should fail to come and hear bim. Special muaic will be provided. There are 814,339 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in tbe world, an increase of 8,284 in tbe past year, and 297,691 members of Rebekah Lodges, an increase Of 16,650. There are 461 lodges in Michigan with 23,546 members. Tbe Women's Poreign Missionary Society of the M. E. churoh ele'oted the following officers last Friday : President, Mra. E. E. Calkins; reoording seoretary, Mrs. Amanda Baaaett; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Rose Boder: treasurer, Mrs. Catherine Cranier. The bilis of Sheriff .Tudson were allowed in fnll yesterday afternoon. A horse belonging to E. R. Beal, of Ypsilanti, was stolen Wednesday night. Don't miss the Epworth Leagae entertainment at the opera house JVloiiday night. The U. of M. football team defeated the Case Scientifio school by 23 to 5, Wednesday. The supervisors have out about $300 out of the bilis presented them for payment this year. Degree of Honor, No. 55, A. O. U. W., give a sooial ajud dance at tbeir hall this evening. The school children have been given until next Tuesday to bring in their money for tbe Jjafayette memorial. Georgia, the sis years old daughter of Mr. and Alrs. C. L. Beach, of S. Thayer st. , died Sunday of meningitis. A big two oalumn portrait of JnliuB V. Seyler formerly of this city heads a piano advertisement in the Detroit papers. The first Wesleyan guild lecture will be given at the M. E. church by Dr. Jessie Bowmao Young, of St. Louis, üot. 30. Jacob Sohnetter is np before Justice Dufl'y on the oharge of stealiug 200 feet of pipiug f rom J. E. Beal. H6 denies the chaige. A proposition carne before the regents Toesday to provide for the education of our Cubana. The écheme is that of Gen. Jos. Wbeeler.. Rev. Frank Kelly, chaplain of the 32nd Miohigan Volunteers, will officiate in St. Thomas' ohurch next Suuday at 10:30 o'clock. Dean C. Seabolt, wbo has jnst bem discharged íroni the lst Miohigan, has purchased the residentie of bis brother, W. T. Seabolt, on N. Fifth ave. John Wisoer, the buidliug mover, is striving to bring the car line to time on the matter of allowing him to move buildings across their lina. ü The city attorney baa decided that the foot f ron tase assessmeut is i Ilegal under the charter and that a new assesment must be made by valuatioii of lots. Misa Emma E. Bower appeared before the supervisors Wednesday with a plea for the construction of an addition to tue jail so tbat the female prisoners ooulrt be cornpletely separated froin the male prisuDers. In tbe circuit oonrt yesterday, Jadge Kinne set aside tbe deed of the late Francés Wallace to her brother Jacob L. Wallace, of á lot in Ypsilanti, as far as the bilí of Dr. Murdock, of Nortbville, for f 118 is oonoerned, as a deed giren witb the intention of defrauding creditors. Tbe educational classes at the Y. M. C. A. will commenoe next week. All young men who have an idea that they would be interested in the work of the night school are cordial ly invited to cume to the rooms on Mouday eveuing, Oot. 24, and talk the matter over with the secretary. Not only bas the Argus-Democrat more thau doublé the ciroulatiou of any other Englisb weekly in the county, but it also publishes more news. Last week for instauce it contained 385 seperate and distinot items of local news meutioning tbe nams of 831 persons. That is the way it proposes to retain and inorease its leadership. The thorougbness of the instruction given by the law department of the university of Miohigau, bas again been demonstrated. George N. Feil, '98 law, of Toledo, last week seoured first plaoe in the exarnination of 140 candidates for admission to the bar at Columbus, Ohio. His percsntage was 92.2, wbile the next man to hiui only received 88.3. Only 79 students of the whole namber examined passed. Three tailors went out on the ïaging Hurou last Sunday afternoou with two boats and some, "Ob be joyful." After getting a little beyond the joyful stage, the two who were in one boat deliberately took hold of the other fellow's boat and tipped it over, throwing him into the water. They at once rowed away to the otber side of the river. Tbe man in the water was helplessly foll. Fortunately he was seen by a boatman wbo came to bis assistanoe and got him asbore after he had been ten minutes in tbe oold water, and was perfeotly stiff. He was taken home in a haok. The Broadway bridge will be replanked. The öniversity Masonio Clnh has 90 members. Ex-Mayor Walker is rebuilding his house on N. State st. Mrs. Eliza Sunderland has been qnite ill since her removal to California. Mrs. Dunn is building a oew honse adjoining her residence on E. Kingsley st. Mrs. Hreman Eisenloffel died at her home on Wildt Bt. , Monday, of paraJy618. According to Postmaster Pond, 162 new hooses have been built in this oity einoe JaD. 1. The U. of M. Rifles were reorganized Priday evening and 30 new men were recruited. It is reported that Carew & Co., wbo built the new law building lost $1,000 on their contract. W. Ensene Page, the greatest mandolín virtnoso, will give a oonoert at the School of Music this evening. Prof. Henry C. Adams has retnrned from a year spent in Europe studying the European railway sy sterns. The sheriff will be allowed 70 cents turnkey fees and 11 cents for meals and lodging dnring the ooniing year. The oniversity grounds, buildings, books, statnary, apparatus, etc, are valued by Major Soule at $1,777,406. Michigan defeated Adelbert college Saturday in the foofc ball game on the Athletic grounds by the ecore of 18 to 0. Everyone should hear Hon. Justin R. Whiting, tbe democratie oandidate for overnor when he speaks here next Wednesday. Hon. A. J. Sawyer has been appoioted by the state bar association topresent a memorial concerning Jndge Cooley to the supreme conrt, Nov. 1. Every voter in this city mnst register on Nov. 2. See the registration notices on another page. This general re-registratioa comes once every eight years and this is tbe year. The board of sapervisors voted not to have plans and specifioations for an addition to tbe jail submitted at the January session. The proposition was lost by a vote of 9 to 11. The Elks will initiate another large class next Thursday night. The lodge will assemble for work at 7 o'olook p. m. sharp. The initiation will be followed by a sooial gession. CityClerk Mills isworking a soheme thruRh the supervisors providing for gravel walks aoross the oonrt yard square and eefteeR. He wants flower beds, eto. , to beautify the lawns. Charles Hill, of Nortbfield, was befora Jnstice Duffy Tuesday, charged witb attempting to assault bis daugter with a knife, was disoharged npon his promise to leave theconnty, the daughter withdrawing the oomplaint. Sinoe Sept. 4, the National Proteotive Society, of Bay City, of which Harry Benham is the local ageut, has paid the following claims: Emil Molkenten, $9.16; Frank Pierce, $22.50; J. R. Cromwell, $37.50; Wm. Stuin, $4; W. O. Thomas, $36. Tbe Ann Arbor Lodge cf Elks are arrangiug to put on the opera "Two Vagabonds" in November. Prof. Lombard, of Jacksson, íb here to aesist in the produotion. It will be first class in every respeot. Jacksoti lodge is expected to be bero in force. Earl Hueted, a freshman law, was knooked down by a gas explosión in a batb room on S. Fifth ave. this week. He attetnpted to ligbt tbe bot water heater bnt allowed too inuch gas to escape before doing so. The beater was destroyed and a large plate glase demoliehed. The board of supervisors will be througb tbeir session tbis week and for the first time in years the oonnty will have bad a two weeks' session of the board, instead of three. Tbe supervisors shonld have credit for a oonsiderable saving to tbe taxpayers by a short session. Harry Donnelly, son of Joseph Donnelly, of this city. whose langh is famons tbroughout the state, will be married in Chicago on New Year's day to Miss Annie Caden, of Chicago, in the Charco of the Boly Name. It is expeoted that Archbishop Feeban will perform the ceremony. City Clerk Mills is passiDg the cigars' in honor of a new boy at bis house. It is the first boy but he has three little sisters, whu as they grow older aud the young men begin to flouk around the Milis homestead, will afford uiuoh sport to that youngster or elee he isn't möoh like his papa. The Uuivereities of Michigan and Penusylvania wül bave a debate here Match 3 ou the question : "Resolved, Tbat under existing conditions the abolition by all civilized nations of their armies and navies other thau those reqired for the maintenance of their domestic pólice is feasible. " The Fair Association came oot ahead this year. Their total expenses were $3,202.05, iaoluding some $300 spent for permanent improvementê. They are in position to pay all expenseB and have $152. 9( 'ahead. Great credit is dne the officers and especially Supt. Mills for the successful resalt. There will be a song service at the Uuitarian ohureb Dext Sunday evening at which the following program of music will be rendered : OITertoire- Flute and Organ Batiste Mr. Smith aud Miss Smitli. Anthem- "The Strain Upraise" Buck Solo- "CrossinK the Bar" Behread Mr. l)raa. Anthem- "Lift Up Your Heads Te Gates " Violin Obligato. Offertory- Traumeiei aud Komance Schumann Miss Frenoh and Miss Smtth. Solo- "Heaven Hath ShedaTear" Kuclcen Miss Young, violin obligats Mr. Saunders.