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One On Wedemeyer

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The Hudson Gazzette tells of hovv tbs perspiration froze on tbe brow of Washtenaw'R favoriteson: W. W. Wedemeyer (for H. S. Pingree) and Henry C. Smith (for Henry C. Smith) talked upon the leading issues oi tbe day (tbe Atkinson tax bill and tbe Smitb taileage case) before a large and exhaasted atidienoe, at Claytoti, last Satorday night. Smith assnred his hearers tbat if tbe women could vote be wuld snrely be the next congressman and occupied the most of his time in telling fnnny stories and side-splitting jokes. The greatest joke of tbe evening however was when Wedemeyer paid an eloquent tribute to Pingree. "Wedey" is one of tbe best oratorB in the state and knows bow to arrange bis speech so as to secrare applanse at the rigbt time. He went along witb a most floweiy tribute to Pingree and wben be thought he had tbe audience so they would applaud, - ' " I whctber tbey waDted to or not, he jnmped into the air, swong his anus and said, "that ruan of tbe people, ! that soldier boy's frieuri, Miobigau's; grand war governor, Hazsn S. gree.!" Tben be ettuck a statne-like' attitude, and veith tho sweat rolliug j down his cbeeks, waited for the Í mendous applanse. Silenes, cold, oold silence fo,lowed, and if "Wedey"had, not wiped tbe sweat frum his cheeks, I it screly wonld have oongealod and ! made bim look like a regalar Jaok Frosfc. It was frigid, very frigid, aud a gentleman wba was in the hall said that tbe orily response to Wedemeyei's tribnte on Pingree was a riull, Fickening "Hnh,"' frona an old republican in tbe rear of the hall. Even Smitb, wbo occasinnally enjoys "freeze-out," said that it was too oool for him, and avowed bis inteutiou of boying a pocket stove to use at tbe meetings wuile Wedemeyer is paying tribute to Pingree.