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A story told by John Boss Dix in his "Pulpit Portraits" shows how strong a current oí life ran in the veins oí Dr. Lyman Beecher when he had passed the allotted threescore years and ten. When about 75 years of age, he spent a fortnight in the eastern part of Maine. A party of gentlemen at Calais went with bim some 30 miles up a series of lakes to lndian territories. When about to embark upon a ohain of lakes in the birch canoes, the lndian gnide, Etienne, rather objected to so oíd a man attempting the adventure, fearing that be would give out. The doctor paddled with the best of the youngsters; oaught more trout than all the party together and returned each day from the various trainps in the lead ; ate his fish on a rock, with a sea biscuit for a trencher and fingers for knives and forks; slept on the ground upon hemlock branches under the tent, and at length the lndian guide went from the extreme of depreciation to the highest expression of admiration in his power, saying: "Ah, old man, all lndian I"