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Detroit, Mich. Owing to my time being entirely taken up with this going out of the Clothing Sale, I must postpone the ftemoval Sale of the Michell Table Supply Co. for a few days longer. BEAR IN MIND f SPOT - CASH i! Are the Only Terms. ▲ A. A. ▲ ▲ A. AAAAA.A.A..A.A. j MAIL ORDERS i ! With Money Inclosed i ï PromptJy and AccurS' ately Filled. i Crrckno rki Un Q-fa-ÍA An opportunity is oífered you to visit Detroit, make your railway fare and save money besides. y dllCIlö Ul lile oldlC. MICHELL, the great clothing merchant, is out of the business and is his C 170,000 DOLLAR STOCK OF CLOTHING, SHOES, HATS AND FURNISHINGS sx I TREMENDOUS SACRIFICE Below are a few examples of prices. This is one chance of a hfetime. Come to Detroit. % ' FIXTURES FOR SALE but cant be delivered until goods are all sold. ludios' Shoe Dept. Men's Clothing Dept. Boys' Clothing Dept. Furnishings Dept. ► 2nd FLOOR-Take Elevator. 3rd FL00R_Take Elevator. 2nd FLOOR-Take Elevator. lst FL00R T0 RIGHT-Take Elevator. 4 r 322 pairs Ladies' Hand Welt Lace Shoes, all 60 Dozen Fowns Best Make Gloves, new ideas j f widths, all sizes, regular price $5.00; out they 645 Men's Domestic Scotch Suits, among them 300 Boys' New Blue Chinchilla Reefers, sizes 3 to just in from the importer, former price $2.00; % ► all must go now at are plaids, stripes and checks, handsome l6 larSe ulster collars, edges bound with these all go at 4 L ff O O IX fancy mixtures in browns, tans and grays, best mohair braid, quilted satin linings, best $ I 65 4 L rStS tli) deep facings, silk pipings, elegant suits, all drill pocketings, handsome winter garments, " 1 UlUU new, either single or doublé breasted, reguregular price $7.00; out of business price dozen of the most beautiful range of Gentle1 ► 561 pairs Ladies' Hand Welt Lace or Button Ur price $I2.5o; out of the store they go at til gone men s ancy Shirts, attached or detached 4 ► Shoes, cloth or kid tops, new fall styles, - á+4 JÊ éT l cuffs, new swell effects. Don't lose them. A regular price.oo; this lot to clean up, at ft . S4.95 now KT.and'ï' $2' ] QO Q R KDOxty ■ 500 Umbrellas, regular price #1.50; out they go J P v7 V 4jS Boys Nobby New Fall SuitS) sizes I4 t0 I9 now at r 219 pairs Ladies' Goodyear Welt Lace or Button 400 Men's and Young Men's English Top Coats, Scotch cheviots, tweeds and fancy browns Q CTO 2 V Shoes, handsome new lasts, regular price doublé texture materials, brand new, snappy and tan mixtures, high cut vests, small v w v I O. 4 f I3. 00; going out of business sells these at styles, some with silk velvet collars, tans and trousers, all up to date; regular price $15; 4, y (t( rCl browns, buckhorn buttons, regular price $22; out they all go at H3t 311(1 Ü3D 0603018111. 4 ?fa y I I 1 out of business price till gone will be -. ■- . _ . a yVL-JJ SsQ FIRST FLOOR- CENTER. f r 410 pairs McKay Lace or Button Shoes, new Cfc 1 CC CC ï V t 25 dozen Men's New Genteel Shape Stiff 1 ► style ladies' lasts, former prices $2.50; all LD _Lt3 H 9j Hats handsome colors, also black, itj ijp 4 going into this lot to close at J''"'1'1 600 Nobby Stylish High-Grade Junior, Middy ular $2.00 Hat; now, to clean up $liZ3 4 $ FT and Vestee Suits, handsome colorings, fancy 20 dozen Men's Fedora Hats, the new fall á )ï Soo pairs Men s Heavy Woolen Pants, stripes and trimmings and jaunty designs, every one of colors and shapes, worth $1. 50 ncn 1 ■vwr small checks, in fancy worsteds and Scotches; these are new, sizes 3 to 10, all high-class where; out they walk at OOG r 198 pairs Misses' and Children's Lace or Button cut exactly proper, worth $5.00 and $6.00; ideas, regular price $6.00 and #7.50; these 15 dozen Boys' Winter Caps, new shapes ► Shoes, new styles, all widths, regular price your piek and choice all, to close, now at and ideas just in from the east, worth nr4 $1.25; out they go at a. - _, AK 50c; price, to clean up ZOÜ i ► rtZ '-. VC -C ZL Mi W 25 dozen Children's Toques, winter styles, nr J ► 95 GTS. KDO.TlO KPO.ÖO Vcqualities, now going at 2ÖC