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Lead has been discovered near Glen■wood. Wis. The building strike at Paris is entirely ended. William W. Boynton, a pioneer architect of Chicago, is dead. Mrs. Sherman's condition is such as to give great encouragement to her physicians. Clarence Cummings, oí Montello, Wis., returned from Porto Rico in a precarious condition. The president of the Swiss confederation, M. Ruffy, has received threatening letters from anarchists. General Macias, recently Spanish captain general of Porto Rico, has sailed from San Juan for Spain. H. F. Schneider, of Woodstock, Hls., was struck by the Woodstock passenger train and instantly killed. Celestin Lazarus, an old member of the Chicago Board of Trade, died Saturday after a long illness. The British ship Blengfell caught flre at sea and nine of her crew, inculding the captain and his wife and children, perished. Gus Fregín, a LaCrosse, Wis., lad, aged 11, was run over by a Street car and instantly killed. His head was cut off and both legs and one arm broken. The residence of George W. Darst, banker of Eureka, Hls., was destroyed by flre. The loss amounted to about $5,000; is fully covered by Insurance. It is expected that the emperor of China will be formally deposed Nov. 23, the birthday of the empress dowager, and that Prince Jun, a boy of 13, will be nomlnated as his successor. Bishop Hartzell, of the Methodist church, has been commissioned by the negro republic of Liberia to go to Washington and ask that the republte be taken under the sheltering wing of the United States.