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Perbaps is it is the thought tbat idlene...

Perbaps is it is the thought tbat idlene... image
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Perbaps is it is the thought tbat idleness is che rnother of inisfortnne that makes Hank Smith fly around so livoly these golden Ootober days. The war tax is a remiader of the inefflciency of MoKinley's five and ten oent connter appointraents that the whitewasfaiup; coixmission can"t cover op. The politician wbn changes his priu oiples to keep in line, is flrst coueiu t the fellow wbo drops a penny in th contributioo bos and expects a golde crowu. If theUaited States with its 70,000 000 of people shonld be erased froru tb map, great disaster and sufiering woul follow in tbat large part ef the oom meruial world wbich is dependent upon the export of this country for existence. And yet they say that we are not able to have a monetary system of oer own. To speak no more than the simple trntb, the wbole oondnet of the war has been a blundering jnggle, bappily blessed by good fortune. The president and none other bas direoted everything and is accountable for everything. Not a comrnissioD bas been issued exoept to persons pledged in some way to support tbe administration. Not a contract bas been given ont except to agents of the administration. Y8t the present oooupant of the presidential office acts as though be were a kiug "who can do no wrong," having a body of ministers to placo betwesn himself and the people and seeking to sbield these ministers by bogus oommissions of his own lawless creation. - Courier-Jonrnal, Louisville, Ky. The path of candidate Smitn is no aD even aDd unobstucted aspbalt pave nunt leading to an easy jonrney to con gress. He has rrany annoying obstrnotions in the way of personal antagonisms Last Sabbath, a prononnced repnblioan and earnest chnrch niember, complained that Mr. Smith was too fond of quot ing Bob Ingersoll and endorsiug his views, to warrant bis support by metnber's of the chnrch. Another warm supporter of Burrows, who was angry at Pingree's attack on Burro ws at Grand Rapids, was incensec by Smith's declaration that he was with Pingree in everything he desired, ruakiug tbis staterusnt at Jackson. Tl en a prominent railroad republican txpressed his strong disapproval of Smith prattliDg in Detroit to a News reporter that he was with Pingiee in his fight against railroads, and would do all in his power to down thero, while he is the active attorney of the Lima Nortberu and of the Wabash. This same position bas antagonized a lot of republioan farmers, for they do not onderstand how a man can prooltum hostil ity to the railroads wheu talking to the people, and retaiu his placa as a railroad lawyer, without lying to either or both sides. Better take a straightforward course, Mr. Smitb, and be something for certain. It doee not Liav to be in the dnnhtfnl olasa. -