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Orrin R. Pierce has been a resident of Hudson for 26 years, and during this long period has been identified with its commercial and manuufactring iuterests. For the pust 20 years be bas paid to the farmers in exchange fur their prodnots, on an average of $50,000 per year, and bis rftpntation among thern for fair dealing and honesty bas never been questioned. Mr. Pierue has never been in any sense an office-seeker, but bas always been williug to saoriflce bis personal inoKnatioDS and interests if by so doing he could, in his jndgment, benet his party. He bas served vtry acceptably as a member of the city oouncil and on the board of water works, and dnring his term of office was instrumental in bringing abont many leforms and aiding materially in tbe growth and proseperity of tbe city. Mr. Pierce's great popularity was never more fally demonstrated than in the suocessfnl figbt he made for supervisor of Hudson, wresting the offioe froru the repablicans, who had held it continuously for 30 years; and ifc was mainly through his efforts that the city has beeu reprosented since tbat time on the board of supervisors by a demourat, tbough the republioao majority is over 100. In Ib92 the democrats found it diffioult to induce anyonu to accept the nornination for representative in tbe senond representative district of this ty, as the repuWioan rnnjority at tbat tima was over 800. Mr. Pierce, however, signified his williuguess to accept tha bopeless task of defeating his opponent, who w;is both yipnlar and aggrassive. Ha received the uominatiou and entered into the caiupaig├╝ with that same energy aud push that bas charaoterized him as a spooessful basiness rnan, and notwitbstanding the tremeurtous odds agaiust him, h8 sncceeded iu ieducing bis opponent'e majority to abont 200. Always foremost iu the promotion of every publio enterprise and giving liberally of bis meaus to assist those who are ueedy, he has earned an enviable reputation wberever he is known. He not only possesses superior business ability, and a wids knowlerlge of meu aad public aftairs, bat also tbat honesty and integrity of character tbat is equally eesential iu a publio official. Mr. Pieroe sbould receive the bearty support of all wbo believe in wise aud eoonomical legislatioo in publio affairs, aud sbould he be elected to oongress by their votes, li is oomtituents can rely upon bis jadgment and honesty to favor such legislatiou as will be in their interests, anti to fearlessly oppose all iniquitous trusts and monopolies of every kiud, whicu are so detrimental and antagonistic to the true piinoiples of Americau citizenship. The voters of the siooud oongressioual distriot should look well to their interests and who will best conserve thein - a shrewd politioian and railroad attorney - or a man like Mr. Pieroe, whom his opponent bas facetiously alluded to as "a chicken pioker aud farmer."