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Orrin R. Pierce, the Farmer and Business Man of Hudson, for Congress.

Orrin R. Pierce has been a resident of Hudson County for 26 years, and during this long period-has been identified with its commercial and manufacturing interests. For the past 20 years he has paid to the farmers in exchange for their products, on an average of $50,000 per year, and his reputation among them for fair dealing and honesty has never been questioned. Mr. Pierce has never been in any sense an office-seeker, but has always been willing to sacrifice his personal inclinations and interests if by doing so he could, in his judgement, benet his party. He has served very acceptably as a member of the city council and on the board of water works, and aiding materially in the growth and prosperity of the city.

Mr. Pierce's great popularity was never more fully demonstrated than in the successful fight he made for supervisor of Hudson, wresting the office from the republicans, who had held it continuously for 30 years; and it was mainly through his efforts that the city has been represented since that time on the board of supervisors by a democrat though the republican majority is over 100..

In 1892 the democrats found it difficult to induce anyone to accept the nomination for representative in the second representative district of this county, as the republican majority at that time was over 800. Mr. Pierce, however, signified his willingness to accept the hopeless task of defeating his opponent, who was both popular and aggressive. He received the nomination and entered into the campaign with that same energy and push that has characterized him as a successful business man, and not withstanding, the tremendous odds against him, he succeeded in reducing his opponent's majority to about 200.

Always foremost in the promotion of every public enterprise and giving liberally of his means to assist those who are needy, he has earned an enviable reputation wherever he is known. He not only possesses superior business ability, and a wide knowledge of men and public affairs, but also that honesty and integrity of character that is equally essential in a public official.

Mr. Pierce should receive the hearty support of all who believe in wise and economical legislation in public affairs, and should he be elected to congress by their votes, his constituents can rely upon his judgement and honesty to favor such legislation as will be in their interests, and to fearlessly oppose all iniqutous trusts and monopolies of every kind, which are so detrimental and antagonistic to the true principles of American citizenship.

The voters of the second congressional district should look well to their interests and who will best conserve them–a shrewd politician and railroad attorney–or man like Mr. Pierce, whom his opponent has facetiously alluded to as "a chicken picker and farmer."