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A Slighting Remark

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Editor Ai'gus-Demoorat : For ruauy years the repnblicans have eujoyed the beuefits of the ooiored vote. It has eleoted presidents, oongressmeD, governors aud nouucy offlcers for tbern. They have always feitsure of receiving it solidly. Tbey have in do way reoognized it. Every other class of voters have needed plaoation aud have heen given ofïioes.not tho ooiored vote,whioh has so mauy tirnes aaved the republioan party, bas secured oo cffloes for ooiored men. They have feit so sure of it that in this oongressional district they have norninated Henry C. Sniith for congresa, a roan who more than ouce has said that "be loved rntn and bated niggers. " I, for one, say tbat I have been the tooi of the republican party long enough, that they have patted me on tbe baok on eleotion day bnt have given nie no kind of reoognition at otber tinnes, and that no man who has said that he "loved rum and hated niggers" eau get my vote. I want to say, too, that in this congressional district the only colored man who bas beid cffioe under the United States government was appointed a mail olerk in tbe Adrián post office by Willard Stearns, a democrat, and that the repnblicans have never giveu us an office.