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Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estate Transfers. 

John H. Cutting and wife to Nellie L. Tyler, Ann Arbor, $4,000.

Nellie L. Tyler to John H. Cutting, Ann Arbor, $2,000.

John F. Lawrence to Fred C. Weinberg, Ann Arbor, $200.

Arthur Brown and wife to Fred J. Wiedman, Ann Arbor, $200.

Wm. B. Johnson and wife to Wm. R. Henderson, Ann Arbor, $400.

Wm. J. Johnson and wife to John Koch, Ann Arbor, $500.

Fred J. Wiedman to Christian Koch, Ann Arbor, $2,000.

John F. Hieber to Frank P. Glazier, Sylvan, $1,200.

Matthew Jensen and wife to Gustave Barth, Sylvan, $1,290.

M.S. Every to Flora M. Every, Bridgewater, $1.

Gabriel Freer, by adm., to Alice G. Freer, Chelsea, $850.

John P. Hansler to Wm. Hansler, Freedom, $3,600.

August Hausch and wife to John Allen, Ypsilanti, $900. 

Huron Valley Building & Loan Association to John Allen, Ann Arbor, $200.

John Gallagher and wife to Albert Meyer, Dexter, $2,300.