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Ninety-six Years Old

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A Chelsea Man Who Shaved Himself on His 96th Birthday.

Daniel Tichenor, of Chelsea, celebrated bis 96th birthday on Wednesday of last week by shaving himself. This is an event which is not often chronicled. Since 1802, when he was born in New Jersey, Mr. Tichenor has been an American citizen. He had been a voter for five years when Andrew Jackson was elected president of the United States. He had reached the age of 35 when Michigan was admitted into the union. He was 10 years old when the first governor of Michigan was born. As a boy he worked at mill-wrighting and shoemaking and on coming of age went to Georgia to work in the pine region. He built a mill in Maryland, drove a four horse wagon to and from Elizabethtown carrying goods; was a night watch in New York city during the cholera plague of 1832-3; was in Ohio in 1835, and in New York from 1836 to 1841 wheN he loCated land in Waterloo township, Jackson county, Michigan. He also located land in Sylvan township and lived there for 23 years, when in 1864 he removed to Chelsea, where he has since resided. He was married in 1852 and had eight children, his wife dying in 1877. This event is worth more than a passing notice. May Mr. Tichenor live to share himself on bis centennial birthday.