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Sixteen ladies were present at the meeting of the W. C. T. ΓΌ. heid on Thursday, Oct. 27. Miss Bower and Mrs. Voorheis, the committee appointed hy the society to wait upon the board of supervisors while in annnal session, and to cali their attention to the inadequate proivsions made for the oare of women and ohildren when under confinement in the oounty jail, reported having oomplied with instrnotions. They also reminded the board of the polioe matron bill, enacted by the last legislatare, whiob provides that a womau sball be on duty when women and ohildren are conflned in the jails of oities of certain population, Ann Arbor falling in this olass. Deiegates to the oounty convention, held Nov. 2 and 3 at Saline, were appointed. The Union will furnish the "Union Signal" and Dr. Wood-Allen the "New Crusade," to tne Y. W. O. A. for the coming year. The appeal of Jesse Ackerman, ronud-the-world missionary of the W. C. T. U. was read. Sbe says : "A great distriot in Chicago lies sadly negleoted by Christian people. It is sunk in poverty, ignorance and orime. After twelve years of travel in almost every country and island on earth, my heart has been strangely stirred to flnd suoh a black, siu-onraed spot in the western metropolis of our own ohristian land. I want to start a gospel work among the 25,000 people of this neighborhood. I want to carry the glad and glorious Christ-spirit into the lives and homes of these pi o: people. I want to do what I oan to cleanse the spot of jts crime, purge it of its poverty, and uiake the dirty tenement sweet and wholesome witbj love and sympathy. With the holp of G-ori and christian people I long to begin this muoh-needed work at once. God help me to help those poor, poor people, whose faces plainly tel! the sad story of their miserable, wretched, sinful existenoe. " The Union voted to eend 1 and to follow it up with other donations later on.