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George Mulbaoh visited Ann Arbor friends ovnr Snnday. Obas. Wellman, the elevator man, is paying 83 cents for beans and 64 cents for wbeat, and his supply is nevor fllled. Jaines Robins advises yonr oorres pondDt tbat the oheese factory at this plaoe is a oertainty and nothing is being left undone to rush it to oornpletion. O. D. Moore made a flying business trip to Detroit on Wedaesday. Mr. Moore reporta that he will have the new ioe bonses ready for ioe in six weeks. Under the heading of "Hatched, Matohed and Dispatobed," we oan report the following in the past four weeks : Five births, 3 marriages and one death. The isports have it that Stephen Earl will soon be joined in the holy bonda of matrimony and the boys are making birn set 'em np in adavnce and we all offer oor oongratulations in advaoe. Shake, Stephen. Atthe Woodmen's danoeFriday night we were pleased to see Fred Brown and family, of Ann Arbor, in the raidst of the mazey waltz. Fred entertained the boys right royally and they s 11 votad him one of the jolliest of the boys. Come again, Fred. Mr. Smart, of Detroit, representiog tbe Ronff Brewing Co., of Detroit, was here Friday ruorning negotiating fora site for a large ioe plant and says his prospeots are good. We have four ioe plants here now and have room for foor more good ones. Tbe democratie blowout at tbe Clifton house hall on Friday night is all arrauged for, mnsio engaged, hall engaged, speakers fugaged, and the community notified. We expect one of the largest meetings of the oampaign. Everybody and their friends turn out. We understand Geo. S. Wheeler, woald-be-representative, W. W. Wedeineyer and other republican speakers will make an attempt on Saturday night to oftset the demooratio rally of Friday night, but, alas, they have chosen poor territory in which to make an impression. Nathan E. Sutton, our next legislator, was in onr town on Monday and made everybody glad. Mr Sutton is one of Northfleld's staunohest old demoorats and has the brains, honesty and integrity to make for us a practioal, wise and conservativo offioial, who will be an honor to bis oonstitnenoy. Northfield will guarautee him 145 majority and on gnessing aboot it. F. W. Bitton, of Brighton, passed throuKh here Monday morning with his j2nd load of potatoes and 50 buhéis at a load, making 1,600 bashels of potatoes he has .so far taken to Ann Arbr, for whioh he realized 45 oents per busbel. Mr. Bitton says that Brighton has taken 10,000 bushels of potatores to Ann Arbor so far this season and the end is not yet. He has sold his erop for trom 75 cents to 35 cents per bnshel. The 'Woodman party at the Clifton house Firday night was the most suocessful of tbe season. There were 93 oouples in attendance and everyfching went off smooth as oil. Tbe mnsio was exoeptionally good as Chas. Munger, from Toledo, took the leading part and Charley is hard to beat as a violinist. Wade MoCormick was at his old stand dispensing the fragrant Havanas and did a rushing business. The Woodmen are a new order bere and this being their flrst danoe they are very muoh erjeouraged. Married, at the residenoe of the bride's parents, on Thursday evening, Mr. Bert York, of Ann Arbor, and Miss Carrie Baiker, only daugbter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barker, of Whitmore Lake. The oeremony was performed by the Rev. Pierce, of this plaoe, in the presenoe of a few of tbe nearest relatives. Mr. York is attsnding the U. of M. and is a very bonorablu young man. Miss Barker is one of Northfield's favoritos and we bespeak for the yoong oouple a long and happy journey own tbe stream of time and everyboiy offers oongratulations.