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Ladies Winter Wraps

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riack's November Selling IN - ' Will Surpass Each and All November Trading Our Cloak Department has ever known. While others were accusing the weather and other conditions for stagnation in trade our October sales were more than 50 per cent greater than any previous October in this department, an increase attributable onlj to the exceptional values - the splendid collection of styles we are showing. This Month We Play Our Great Trump Card. Immense purchases of the very latest and most fashionable garments this country produces bought at 50 and 33 1-3 per cent come pouring in upon us. Who can withstand the Mighty Bargains - the Magnificent Showing- the ad vantages this kind of purchasing makes possible? -Jlj3Lá 5 Buys All Wool Kersey Jackets in Black, Brown and Blue Mixed. @ CC - T5uys an All Wool, All Lined Ladies' Jackets, Dart Sleeves, Round Corners - téSËËËË, !&? fïrfl T CCí Ruys a "ine A' Wool Boucle Jackets, Lined with the Best Satin. A sure KP if I xW iffïïë 'Hf $ ' irk rtO ■eac'les values here only obtained elsewhere for $12.50, $15.00 and up to .fí% lp;iml-''$ffi '" PIW" $18.00. 50 styles for your selection. JfL H Ul 3'Tm P4- Buys All Wool Boucle Capes, All Lined. Priced regularly $6.00. H, jáÉrapí '■■ c OA Kuys a Thirty-Inch Boucle Cape. Ripple Back, Full Sweep. Worth up to JPwSi .jtMBt "5' $8.00. B ; P V &i 'ye Buys a Fine Silk Rain Proof Plush Cape, well lined, 27 inches long, 125 inch i M " Large Showing of Golf Capes==Velvet Capes==Velour Capes==Cloth Capes==Plain and Elaborately Trimmed Shoe Department. & p p ■w OUR 8 DAYS' SHOE SALE .... ENDS TOMORROW NIGHT AT 10:00 f you are in need of a pair of shoes for the coming zero weather don't fail to see the shoes we are offerinq at QQ ñ Q A j Q I QQ - ipZ.ÏI anO 0 8iüO They Have No Equal. fni Silks' !e'v.ets . Á Pillows and Cushions l5 r 3110 ll&Sl 'Hli ; Latest novelties in Pin Cushions for Christmas, all colr - WÊÊÊÈÊÊÊÈÈ rS and shaPes' I2-ác, 50c, 75c, Si. 15, Si. 50 and This busy department is WmtL jufPJ1 i-75 date with its showing of all the fcBiIlra ne lot f Cushions worth orn 75c to$, sulling latest novelties in Silks, Velvets and HjfflfflK at 49CTrimmings. The prices have never "muII i Headrests, worth $1.00, selling at 79c. 75c Headrestsappeared as low as you will find ■'" ik selling at 49c. them in this sale. Towel Rings in Oak, Ash and Enamel, 10c up. _., . „ . , w „ _.„ „„j a We also have a full line of Baby Jackets and Bootees, in plain white Black Satín, 22, 2c and 27 inch, at 50c, 75c and $1.00. . , . . , ' J . . ' r ",, z. . 't. . '. d ' j i t a t blue and white, pink and white, raneing n pnces from 2ïc to $i.6?. Black Satín Dnchess, 22, 2? and 27 inch, at 75c, $1.00 and Si. 25. " j j 1 n 0,1 1 T ?, " 1 5 av, All the latest designs and colors in Drapery, Silks, Demms, Jap Cloth,. Ím, a ' lnC h ?I'25", h no and Silkolines, ranging in price from i2ác to Si. 00 per yard. B ack Taffeta, 2? and 27 inch, 7íc and Ji.oo. . . ' ö r - , J L ,?., ' ? , ' , a , Insh Point and Battenburg Center Pieces, Shams and Dresser Scarfs. Fancy Silks, 20 inch, 50c, 60c, 75c and Si. 00. & Stripe Silks, 22 inch, 75c, 80c, 90c and $i-oo. Plaid Silks, 22 inch, 50c, 75c, 90c and $1. 00. g , w- Taffeta Silks, all the new shades, 75c and Si. 00. I ffpOT -3f K4L E1 f O Cl 1 "Í1 C Irish Poplins, 22 inch, 1.00. Vil WCll T 1_-Jd 1 i Cli 1 1 In Velvets we have the latest novelties in the market - Polka Dots, - Stripes and Brocade from 75c to $1.75. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MíSS THIS. Passementeries - we are showing all the latest patterns in the market, both in Black and Colors. All over lace in Black and White, $1. 50, Pure ALL WOOI $1.OO Underwear at = - 59C $2.00 and up to $4.50. Fine M ri no and Derby Ribbed 50c Underwear at 26c SS%LS %X SfïS? S "" "" ' A Qood Mixed Color Cotton 35c Underwear at 16c A Lot of Silk Remnants at One-Half price. See our regular line of fine Underwear for men. The piek of best . milis in America. JE Heavy Two Thread, Fleeced, 50c Fine ALL Wool Derby Ribbed $1.50 ánTOk rrr5?ll RíllOílínC Heavy Derby Ribbed, in all Camels Hair, THE BEST, $1.50pvMlT 7V'W1C1.1 LJCll Cllll colors . . . . soc Fancy Wool, Fine and Heavy, $i.5c mé Unnrllni-nliinf o lniants' Col(l WeathBr'HosB and Mittens Efls Vlw' 11 11 UI UI lUlll Infant's White WocJ Mittens 15c. M y SK-' Infants nne All Wool Mittens, red and navy blue, 25c. r2- Cambric Handkerchiefs at ie, 4c, 5c and 6c. Infants' Wool Mittens, black and colors, 10c. Pure Linen Handkerchiefs at Sc, 10c, iajac and 15c. ' Infants' All Wool Shields in black and white 85c. Convent Handkerchiefs, pure linen with initial, at i2c. Infants' fine Cashmere Hose, with silk heel and toe, pink, blue, russet, Convent Handkerchiefs, pure linen, with doublé hem stich, 15 and 20c. oxford, white and black, 25c. Swiss Handkerchiefs, embroidered edge, embroidered lace trimmed, 10c, Infants' All Wool Hose, black, 5c. i2lc, 15c and 25c. Infants' All Wool Hose, black, 10c, 15c and 25c. 5 different 'styles with Irish point edge 25c. Infants' Heavy-Weight PLAID Cotton Hose 50c. MACK & COMPANY