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An Appeal To Democrats

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Detroit, Oot. 81, 1898. To'tbe Domocrats of Michigan: The election of 1898 is one of tbe ruost important . in the history of the state. Victory is easily witbin onr grasp. We have only to poll a greater proportion of onr vote than oor opponents, and we shall be snooessfnl. The vote for the democratio oaudidate for president in this state in 1896 was 15,000 larger than the republioan vote for president in this state in 1892, and was greater than any total ver before polled by the republicana of JSdiohigan. Theie have been rnany accessions to onr nutnbers from the republiean party in the last two years, and many deraocrats who opposed oor ticket iu 1896 have returued totheir old allegianoe. The reornits from these two sonrces render our party more , formidable as they render onr far weakei rhaiijiu 1896. Suooess is certain if we bur put onr sbonlders to the wbeel, and work with a will all together as we did in 1890 when we eleoted Edwin B. Winans, the governor of gloriĆ³os meroory, and our entire state ticket. The conditions of the two oampaigns are very similar. There is again a great and general revolt ia the republiean party against the head of the republioan ticket, and if onr party vote holds true to onr own superb oandidate, we shall eleot Min as snrely as eleotion day dawns. Let ns do everything in onr power to bring out tbe foll demooratio vote in Michigan, and we shall share in one more viotory on kthe 9th of November. Faithfullv yours. Chairman.