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Smith's Mileage Case Again

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Some time ago we publisbed a history of Henry C. Smith's connection with the now famous lawsnit bruugbt in bis Dame against the Lake Shore Railroad Co. to test tbe vaiïdity of the law passed by the demooratio legislatnre of 1891 compelling railroad companies to sell mileage books good for the family of the purchaser, at the uniform rate of two cents per inile. That article proved to tha satisfaotion of all but Mr. Smith1 that Henry C. Smith, tbe railroad attorney, is masqneradiDg when he poses as Henry C. Smith the anti-oorporationist and penple's friend. Heury C. Smith, the people's friend, oomplains that we did not treat Henry C. Smith, the railroad attoruey, fairly in onr statement of faots and is making this alleged misrepresentation the text of his campaign speeches. We give below an extract from the report of the attorney general of the state of Michigan for the year ending Jone 30, 1896, on page 32 of said report fonnd in "Joint Doouments 1896," Vol. 4, is as follows : "Henry C. Smith, relator, v. The Lake Sbore & Michigan Southern Railway Company, respondent. Mandamns. Granted. The applioation for mandamns in jis case was filed by relator in October, 893, in the circnit conrt for the oounty of Lenawee, and issue was soon tbereafter joined. "On the coming in of respoudent's answer, it beoame apparent to the relator that his application wonld bestnbborly contested by tbe railroad oompaöy, and involve heavy expense and protracted litigatieon. "The benefits to him as snoh ticket asked were so small iu proportion to the expense and aunoyance of litigation, that the lelator practically abandoned tbe oontest, and for that reason it lay dorraant until the intervention of the state authorities. "The legislature at its last session passed tbe following resolutions: cojícuruent resolution, 1893. "'Anthonzing the commencement of proceertings against the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company, "Késoived by the senate (the house of representatives concnrring) that the attorney general and the corumissioner of railroads are hereby antborized and directed to commence proceedings against the Lake Shore & Michigan Sontbern Railway order to test the legality of tbe act 123 of the public acts of 1891, and to determine whether or not, by virtoe of said act, said railway company is subject to all the restrictions, and liable to perform all duties now irnposed by the general laws upon railway companies. "Approved May 27, 1893. "The honorable commisBioneï of railroads and the attoruey general, having leamed of thependency of this snit and its oondition, instead of institnting a uew suit, in pursnance of the joint resolution of the legislatuie, adopted this case, took charge of it, and are now proseouting it to a conclusión, the oase having been appealed to the snpreme oourt of this state in Jnne, 1896, and is now pending the decisión of that tribunal." This report will be oonolnsive evidence to most people (exoepting Benry and his old friend from Kentucky) that flenry is guilty of stealing oampaign thnnder. In tbe annnal report of state auditors for the year 1897, found on page 80 of Joint Documenta, for tbe year 1897, volnme 1, will be fonnd the following proof that Smith got hia pay .Watts, Bean & Smith, services in Circuit and Supreme Oourt milagre casei $300 Ju ly 1, expenses to Lansitig, Ï9; .Times & Expositor, $37 46 $346 There are two bright youug soldiers on the democratie) ticket. Renieinber it next Tueeday. The Washtenaw caudidate for state senator is Charles A. Ward. Sse to it tbat the repnblioan voters are remindad of it. Clifford B. tiuston is as able and woitby a man as ever ran for register of deed?. He is a good, clean out business man. Vote for bim. If the democratie vote iu Washtenaw is ont we will win not only in the connty bnt also in the oongressional district. See that eery vote is ont. Vote for Pieroe, the man of the people, the solid, snbstantial bosiness man, with good sense and oool judgment - not a flippant talker and joker. Don't forget tbat William H. Murray, the private soldier, and Traoy L. Towner, the bright and olean yonng lawyer, are running for oiruuit oourt eominisioners. Jacob F. Schuh richly deserves reelection. He has made a carefnl and eoooomioal oounty olerk. He underBtands the duties of the offioe. See to it that he is re-eleoted. John G-illeo wil] maka one of the best sheriffs this oounty has ever had. The editor of tbis paper has had business dealings with him for years and knows that he thoroughly is honest.oapable, prompt and trustwortby. Those that know Henry Stnmpenhusen best, will vote for him irrespeotive of their politics. That is the kind of a man he is. Sfcurdy, aelf reliaut, oool headed, intelligent, bonest, of broad views, he will make a good legislator. The other day Henry C. Smith was seen perohed on a tallybo ooach in this city goiug out to tbe ball gaine, with horns, yells, etc. A well known farmar, who was in the city, called attention to it with the remark that, "We want to send men to congress, not boys." It is not neoessary to ask those' who know B. F. Watts to vote for him, further than to remind the votere that he is running for coroner and wants the office. Dr. Christian F. Kapp, of Manchester, is the other candidate for ooroner on the democratio tioket and is a worthy man, a physician of bigh standing and should receive a big vote. Mark your ballot with a cross in the circle under tbe democratio vignette. The vignette on the ballot will be the same as at the liead of tbe ticket on this page. It will be found in the second column of names. The list of offices will be in tbe firsfc column on the tioket, the republioan tiominees are in tbe second column and tbe democartio in the tbird column, then follows several otber columns for the minor parties. It ought not to be neoessary to remind tbe friends of the university tbat it is to their interest to see to the election of Charles A. Ward as senator. He is the only legislativo candidate on either ticket from Ann Arbor city. He is off campaignirjg and tbe man whom Sharpe calis "Ward's wicked partner" pflns tbese editorials, so tbat we are free to say that (Jharles A. Ward wiJl devote bimself to looking after the great educational interests of this couuty whioh has within its borders the University and the State Normal college. George J. Mann is a modest farmer, with a good knowledge of bookkeeping, who made an excellent town foëasurer of Freedom, aud afterwarda of Lodi, who lost bis arm at the age of 18, but who did not let tbis fact stand in the way of his making a good farmer snd doing his own work. He is a man whose obaracter has always beeu above reproach, aoaref ui, bonest, oonsoientious man, whose accounts will always be found straight to a oent. He would make a fine oounty treasurer and tbe people bave a chance to make him such next Tuesday. Very few of the boys of the 31st Michigan will be able to vote this year. The oonstitution of tbe state permits them to vote át their camp, hut tbere is no statute to permit this intention to be carried out. The republican legislature was in session after the war was on, but took do flteps to permit tbe soliders to vote. Too many of the brave boys in blue vote the democratio tioket. The republicana could have permitted the soldiers to vote if tbey would. They failed to do so. The friends of the soldieis should remember that tbe republicana have deprived tbe soldiers of their tigbt to vote at this election. Let every democrat vote TnesrJay foreaoon. Dna't delay voting until the afteruooD. A vote iu the foreuoon assi8ts the party worbera. The Kegister olaitus tbat the libel sait9 brought against it aud Mr. Allmendinger are bluffs. Is tb at the reason why tbe Register lias confined its boomiug of connty oandidates to Kiogsley aud Joues. Jndge Babbitt and Artbur Brown have made affidi.v ts that tbey have reoeived do pay from the onunty and have no claims against it.forservioosas aotiug prusecnting attoroey. Maj. Kirk has seen to it that the conuty has not suffered by bis absence. Justin B. Wbitiug, the deniooratio noininee for governor, is one of the cleanest and best rnen ever uomiaatnd for governor. That he, a demoorat, conld represent a repnblioan distriot in oongress four suocasive ternas indioates wbat kind of a calibrad man he is. Honest John Gillen has been inaligned in oertain qnarters. The Moranites have not hesitated to slander hini and an appeal to the Germán voters has been founded upon a lie pure and simple Bebnke this sort of work at the polls Tuesday by rolling np a good majoiity for Gillen. The repnblioan party is not tbe oíd republican party of Liucolu, Snmner and Seward. Its principies are not their principies. It has establisbed a new set of principies and to intrench itself in power, caters to the millionaires who can fornish large snms of money to corrupt and debauch elections. This is a good year for tbe good oíd line republioans and the honest youDg republiuans to administer suoh a stingicg rebuke as will cause the republioan party to pnrify itself to regain their support. Major John P. Kirk has made a good proseoating attorney. He is a lawyer of ability. When he thougbt his country needed men he went to the front. Kow that the war is over he is ready to return to private life and will throw up his commisssiou if elacted prosecuting attorney. During bis absenoe the work of the proseouting attorney was done by Jndge Babbitt and Artbur Brown, tw,o competent attorueys without expense to the oounty. Major Kirk has shown his patriotism and doeerves well of the voters of Washtenaw. Nathau E. Sutton, of Northfield, needs uo introduotion to our readers. He is a sucoesaful farmer and our farmer readers know that it requires brains to make a successfnl farmer in these days. He has been in tbe legislature and is tberefore better fitted to go back. He bas kept posted on state matters and althongh he isn't a speech maker, he is all the better for that. The work of the legislature is done in tbe oornmittee rooms and the talkeis prolong the sessions unneoessarily at the expense of tbe taxpayers. Vote for Natnan E. Sutton. Tbe Germans are not fools and Editor Helber oannot fooi them into voting for Henry C. Smitb by trying to make them believe that Sujith's name is Heinrich Ohristian Sohmid. There is not a drop of Germán blood iu Smith's veins. His name is not Heinrioh ; it is not (Jhristian and it is not Sohmid. Smith has allowed Helber to publicly introduce hiin uoder an assumed name. It most be that he does not credit tha Germans with intelligence. He will flnd when the votes are cast that he oannot fooi them and that tbey take no stock in seeking for votes under false pretensos. Tbe republioans are making a hulabaloo aboot Maj. Kirk being ineligible for election beoause he is an offloer in tbe army and cite the case of Lieufc. W. F. Pack who was discharged so that he conld run for the legislature to snstain their oontention. There is absolutely no foundation for the disturbanoe. There is a provisión in the constitntion of Michigan, Sec. 6, Art. 4, whioh provides that no officer of the United States shall be eligible to a seat in tbe legislature. Bot it applies only tooandidatPK for the legislature and not to Maj. Kirk's oase and the republicans know this. All suoh unfair eleotioneering dodges should be rebukad next Tuesday. Vote for the soldier candidate, Maj. Kirk, and he wül be the next proseonting attorney. :