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Soinetbing ought to be done to stay the destrootive fead between the Chel sea and Graas Lake editora aud cit.zens of the respective towns who are hurl ing the most deadly adjectivee at eaoh other. It all come from trade rival ry. Dnring servioes iu St. Andrew's chnreh, Aun Arbor, Sunday mórning last week a goat wandered iuto the ohanoel anil was sqaaring off at the minister wben the usber, diviuing his purpose, run him out. It is not known what gruoge the goat had against the good man, hut it is hiuted that one of his sermons whioh the auiunal hac ohewed up diaagresd witb hiuj. The oonsolirtation of the Adii Arbor Dernocrat witb the Argus bas produoed a red-hot double-ender. Ward, the Demoorat editor, is running for state senator on the silver tioket aud bis paragraphio editorials form a lurid torch light prooession. It issaid thatthey are written on asbestoj paper to prevent combustión and the "devil" carries tbe "copy" to the printers witb tongs. Editor Beakes, of the Argus, had beeo keeping his paper in a high state of iiicandesence although not well mairied to_the silver theory. The Argus-Democrat is by the combination a very able hyphenated blood-bcoket and withal a valuable exobange. The Wasbtenaw jail is terribly overcrowded and bas been for a long time. There are those outside who have tigbts tbere which are deuied tbom. A recommeudation for a uew jail is before the board of supervisors. The jail roster shows that 1T8 men and eight women have fouud accommodntions there in the past six moiitbs. Of ;hese 115 went up for being druuk. Tbe ir plea was that the water was bad. A short time ago a temperauoe lecture was given by a university professor who illustrated with a microsoope. Said the professor: "I have aere some swamp water cootainiug miorobea. Viewed under the glans you observe that they are alive and squirmng. Now, to show tb o deadly effiiots of alcohol, I will add a drop to tbis water." He did so and every microbe nstantly straightened out "as stiff aa amaokerel." "That settJes it !" hicconghed a oardinal nosed bum who tad staggored to the front, "that setiles it, au' 111 - never - drink - any nore wazzer - long's I live - wizzout ome (hio) whiskey in it." He immediately became one of the 115 who went to jail for drunkenneas in the past ix mout'is.