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Deaths In Washtenaw

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There were 19 deaths in Aun Arbor during Septetaber, 3 of whioh were of ohildren under four years of age. Eight deaths were oaused by the fol[owing infectious diseases: Corisuirjjjtiou 4, pneumonía 3, diarrheal diseases 2. Duriug September there were 8 deatbs in Ypsilanti of vvhich one was a child onder fonr yiw s of agfl. The total uurnber of deaths in Washtenaw county duriug September wa 48, of whioh 7 were under fonr years of age. There wete 3 deaths in Manchester, 2 in Dexter, and 1 in Uhelsea. Both the deaths in Dexter were from consuuiptiou. There were 3 deaths in Superior aüd 2 each in Angnsta, Bridgewater, Pittsfleld, and Soio, and 1 eaoh in Lodi, Salem, Webster and Ypsilanti town. Tbe number of deaths reportad iu the wholtt state of Michigan duriug September was 2,(!40, of whioh 1,055 were of chlirpnuuder fouryear of aga. The deaths frota cousumption numbered 174, from typhoid fever 94, from diphtheria 27, wuooping oough 40.