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Justice Court Fines

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The board of supervisors met Oet. 27 and made its final settlement with the county treasurer and county cletk. The books and aooounts were fuund to be oorreot . The building oommittee was direoted to get plans and the estiinated oost of fireproof vaults for the offices of the judge of probate and register of deeds and report at the January eession of the board. This is a move in the right direction. Supervisor Case, of Pittsfleld, Baid that be had been asked by mauy school offioers whyso little money from fines has been tarued in by the justioes of the peaee and said be started in to find ont. "I fiad in 1893 Justice Pood tnrued in fines amouutirjg to $129 aud his bi)l was 206. Mr. Bennett was a justioe for part of the year and he turued in 20 and his bill was $38. In 1894 Mr. Pond turned in $107 and his bill was $26,3. For the same year Mr. B6nnett turned in $174 and his bill was $241. Mr. B nlas, of Ypsilanti, turned in $i9 and i, h bill was $92. Tbis year uothing haa been tnrned in froru Ypsilanti and only $9 from Ann Arbor. " Ou motion Supervisors Damon and MoCullough were appointed a uommittee to investígate the bocks of the Ypsiauti justices and see how inuoh money they had colleoted in ordinanoe cases. Supervisors Allmendinger and Dean made strenuous efforts to have his statement spread upou the records. It was opposed by Supervisors Hbbins and Millard, and the effort was defeated by a vote of 11 yeas aud 15 nays.