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Everybody Likes Whiting

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itraná Rapids Democrat: An amusing incident occurred wheo Justin R. Whiting, the Democratie candidate for govérnor, was speaking at Cedar Springs a few weeks ago, whjch only lllustrates tliat Pingree's howíing without the voters full underetanding bim is why many voters have pledged him their support. Governor Pingree was to appear at Cedar Springs the same day Whiting did, and while Mr. Whltlng was talking an old farmer named Shaddock stepped up near the platform. He is a rock-plated RepubiU-an and believes l'ingree is the god o. politics and the Venus of purity. He mistook Whiting for Pingree and turning walkd away with a pleasing look, when he said: '-Boys, there i the smartest man in this State. Why, just listen to him. Every mother's son of you should vote t'or him. It's a fihame for that man Burrows to turn down such a man. Why, he ehould be In the senale himself." Those whn caught onto the old man'i mistake smiled loudly, and after the joke had passed around over the fair grounds as to how Father Shaddock, the oak of the Cedar Springs Republicans, had eulogized a Democratie candiiate, he was iutroduced to Mr. Whit-, Ing, and thon and there pledged him his support. From this it appears that Whiting's dwtion is only a question of his getting acquainted with the people.