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Your Fortune Told

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A REMARKABLE SCIENTIFIC ANO J WONDERFUL SCIENCE. J "SOLAR BIOLOGY.! J THE ONLY TRUE SCIENQE BY WHICH YOUR FUTURE CAN TRULY AND ACCURATELT BE F0RE7QLD. 3 lulVir ZARAH, the world-renowned Egyptian Aatrologsr, wfao hu be&n ereatïng men Jl P wAlnmW tonishment thoroughout Kurope for the past fi?e jeart, will giï truthful, accurtt, V - maH Kí planet horoscope delineation of jour life. He will gire jour peronl pprct, 4lf A ■ erYMB Ék' position, character, ability, tast, probable length of life, pouible accidenti, adrie am4 y f S flg uusgtistiüiis on love allairs, marriage, fncads, enemies, ipcculation, buiinw matter, te. J V a ï?" "r DIPQCC Tfi DE flD UflT TA DC You can 'Dform younelf tborottghly X K L3ÈÈ&&5ÊmT DIUÍILÜ iU DL UB RUI 1U DL. this and od mr other qucsUou of jou A J 4K 5-S1 - ""' "I P136 present and future lif. y L lül ' -? A SINGLE ANSWER MAY LEAD YOU TO MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. P C "iIbIbBJÍ tínt 1( cents snd ?ve exsct dat f kirth and I will immediaUly torn yom ft jf X ijPfffiwOflp trtithftil horoscope reading of your life, and proTe it to be all tru by joarlf. X mfck rf #í j J ;AV thia offer ai a test trial. AU commuuicationi strictlj confidtntial. AddrM C ZARAH 'tho ASTROLOGER, Look Box 44)3, PMIadelphla, Pm. C K from PRSSS - " Zarah the ArrsoLOOsm ii eerUlnly aatoolihing thouandi, Hli wocdufbl pradioUou aad Uila art kual m J upon iadispotable and tclentiflc influeoce." y