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The board of supervisors will meet again Jan. 3, 1899. Fifteen of the first 21 students disohaged from Oo. A, cauie direot to Aan Arbor. L. J. Lesimer has resigned the in anagement of the New State Telephone exchange. Wm. Reily aud Thos. Brown were sentenced to 10 day 8 in jail Tnesday for drunkenness. Aon Arbor Lotïge, No. 27, A. O. Ü. W. gives its annual ball next Friday evening, Nov. 1Í. The Harugari Maennerchor will give a masque ball io tbe D. O. H. hall Thansgiving eveniog. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw has completed the l0th year of his pastorate of the Congregational church. The Y. M. C. A. wish to add $1,500 to their building fund by their fair commencing Nov. 14. The county has had 23,000 ballots printed this year. How many of them wül be cast next Tuesday? One thousand and sixty-twö lockers have been taken in the men's gymnasium and 18 in the women's. Dr. Novy has made an analysis of Ann Arbor's water supply and pronounces it free from germs. The second Faculty Concert was fiven last evening in Frieze Memorial i lall and an excellent program rendered. A Lansing dispateb in the Detroit Svening News says that W. W. Wedemeyei is after the state railroad commissionership. Three bakers got into a flght Monday and Herman Heffter and Leonard Kroenlin paid $5 and costs eaoh for assaulting John Gressel. It looks as if the Schermerhorn will oase was to be appealed, Judge Babbitt laving moved for more time in whioh ;o file a bilí of exceptions. Tbe U. of M. football team defeated the Alumni in a well played game Saturday by a score of 1 1 to 2. A large number of the alumni were present. William Simmons was arrested Monday on complaint of Laura Ward for asault and battery and was released by Justice Duffy on paying $4.25 costs. ín conñeotion with the California horticultnral and marine exhibition to be here Nov. 15, 16 and 17, is an X ray machine, whioh inay be an iuteresting tbing for many to examine and see work. The oost to view it will be 10 cents. Andrew Morton, of Chelsea, was eleoted one of the vice presidents of the reunión sooiaty of tbe Wilcox división of the ninth army oorps, at tbe meeting in Battle Creek last week. Tbe uext meeting is to be held in Hillsdale. j Hon. Charles R. Whitxnan bas been stumping the county for tbe demooratio ticket. His speech is a very eloquent one and bis arguments convincing. His meeting in Freedom was a rousei and he is said on that occasion to have made one of the very best poittioal speeches ever made in this county. H. B. Gammon, of the Ann Arboi medical class of '98, was in Detroit last Thuisday. Gammon enlisted under Maj. Nancrede in the 34th Michigan, and discovered the first case of yellow fever in the American army. Gammon contracted the fever himself. He is now on his way to Menouainee to report to Maj. King. Howard, Holmes, a reporter of tbe Detroit Journal, formerly oity editor of the Ann Arbor Register, and Harry E. King, an eleotrioal engineer, a gradúate of the U. of M., are interested in a new "washee, washeê" oompany in Caracas, Venezuela. They were given pointers by Ping's clerk, Eli R. Sutton, when he visited Caracas in the interests of tbe propofied asphalt oompany whioh Hazfin S. was going to start. The capitaljof the steain laundry oompauy is 5,000 and its prospects are very fiattering. The Sohool of Mnsio is orowded with studente. Lesa tban 40 people weie out at the repablican meeting Satnrday rright. The Ann Arbor schools coptributed $50.76 to the Lafayette memorial f and. B. E. Thayer, of tbis city, bas with a partner pnrohasad the Omsted News. The Jackson high sobool football team plays tbe Ann Arbor high school team torn om w. W. C. Stevens, the father of Mrs. Clay Green, of this city, died in Ypsilanti Satnrday. Tbe sum of $885 has been paid out by this county for sparrow bouoties dnring tbe past year. The New State Telephone Co. has deolared their third qnarterly dividend of 2 per cent for tbis year. The electric line to Detroit and Ypsilanti has opened a ruuoh needod waitiug room iu the Doffy blook. The Aon Arbor Looals defeated tbe Saline high sohool at football Satnrday at Saline by a soore of 10 t-o 0. Williarn Bell, of Ypsilanti, has commenoed suit against. Austin F. Burbank, claitnicg 3,000 damages. Gen. Beaver has deolared that the camp of tho bist Michigan ís the best in the army. Good for our soldiers! Tbe receipts of tbe University hospital for Ootober were $2,050.32, the largest in the history of the hospital. Wm. J. Starks has resigned bis position as telegraph operator in the Western Union offioe and goes to Chicago. Morris Vincent was sent to the Detroit house of oorreotion Mouday for 65 days for stealing a fnr robe from George Peavey. The union Thanksgiving service this year will be held at the First M. E. ohnroh and Bev. J. W. Bradshaw will preach the sermón. Tbe ladies of the Trinity Lutheran cboroh give an apron sale and supper at tbe charcb parlurs this eveuing. Sopper will be 10 oents Walter C. Mack is making extensive improvements to his house on the oorner of Hill and Twelfth sts., preparatory to making it his residence. Joseph H. Parsons, aged three years, son of Warren Parsons, of Kingsley st. , died Sunday. The inneral was held Tnesday in St. Tburuas' cbnrob. The Michigan Telephone Co. bas put in tbe following new telephones: 493, M. J. Cavanaugh; 287, S. E. Danforth ; 83, J. F. Hoelze; 127, E. F. Sheley.

Alfred C. Leusch, John Wiegand, Frank J. Petsh, George Webberns and Rocco Desderidi declared their intentions of becoming citizens of the United States during October.

W. W. Wedemeyer gaiued many enoominms from the press by his speeches for Pingiea iu the upper peniusula, and tbe deinocratio press recognized bis abilities as a pubho speaker. The foilowing members of Co. A, 31st Micihgan, were grauted tbeir disoharge Toesday: Jobn W. Murphy, James E. Tice and John A. Perrin. Tbe boys will be weloome home. Fred Sipley, our efficiënt chief of the h'ie departmout, was married Tuesday evoning to Mrs. Flora Stoll-Granger by Rev. W. L. Tedrow. Long liffl and mnoh happiness to Mr. and Mrs. Sipley. E. E. Leland, P. J. Lehman and Ira A. Wood, the board of arbitration betweert Jaoob Walz, of Briagewater, and tbe Germán Mutual Fire Insmance oompany, awarded Mr. Walz $356 last Satnrday. On Saturday morning next, at 10 o'olook, (standard time), Dr. Niebolas Mnrray Butler, of New Yoik city, editor of tbe Educational Review, and professor of eduoatiou and philosophy in Columbia University, will leotnre in NormaTirall, Ypsilanti. Tbe will ofMiss Phoebe A. Wheel ook, of Superior, has been admitted to probate. Sbe leaves her property val ued at $17,000 to E. C' Lyke charged with legaoies for $2,000. Mr. Lyke is no relation but for 12 years basworkec Miss Wheelock's farm for her on shares. Preparations are progressiug finely for tbe Y. M. C. A. fair to be held a ■ the armory, Nov. 14 to 19. A series r of entertainments unequaled for novel , ty and pleaure-giving, bas been engag - ed and tbe boys expeot their friends to 3 turn out at that time as never before It's all for the new building. Johu Sohültz is speuding 10 days in jail for drunkenness. The Lyra Singing Sooiety have a fcnrkey raffle tonigbt. Co. A ia reported by Captain Granger o be without a sick man. Prof. I. N. Demmon addressed the Tonrist Clnb in Jaokson Monday. Jaoob Sobnetter was Bent to jail last week for 00 days for stealing pipe from J. E. Beal. A ronsiog democratie meeting was ïeld in Lodi town hall Tnesday evenng and good speeches were made by Arthnr Brown and C. H. Alanly. The Detroit Asaociation of the Univeisity of Michigan gives its third annual banqnet in honor of Piesident and Mrs. James B. Angelí, Nov. Jl. Daniel B. Waite, of Dexter, is lookng for a man calling himsself Jerome Bacon, wbo sold him the county right 'or an improved olothes ' wringer. Bacou turns out to be a fraud and the matter bas been placed in the hands of the sheriff. A concert tinder the direction of Mis Chalmors and Mra. Sherman will be given in tbe A. M. E. churoh, oorner of Buffalo and Adams st. , Ypsilanti, Friday eveninp, Nov. 11, at 7:45 o'clook. Prooeeds to go toward payïng cbureb mortgage. Admissiou 10 oents. Times : Tbree misoreants who were out playing Hlllowe'en pranks Monday nigbt got in the wrong neigbborbood when they bovered aronnd Dr. Dorranoe's . He heard tbem ripping up 'enees and took after them. They gave him a good working out, bnt he suooeeded in overtaking one of them and proceeded to give him a good drnbbing on tbe sidewalk. The other two returned to assist the fellow in trooble. The doctor canght one by the legs and bis head came down on the sidewalk as quickly and as effectively as a Spanish flag before Dewey's fleet. The dootor then arose and gave the next man the tbird degree in tbe stomaob, butting him with an inertia that wonlrl have made Caley nervons. Tbere were three pretty sore men in town Tnesday, and if you run aoross them it wonld uot be well to ask how fchey like a oourse in deoency under the instruotion of Prof. Dorrance.