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The California Fair

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The California Fair

And Marine Exhibition at Ann Arbor, Nov. 15, 16 and 17.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 15, 16 and 17, will be exhibited on the Ann Arbor Railroad tracks, near the depot a most interesting display of the products of Santa Clara county, California. The exhibit is carried in one of the largest railroad cars in the world and is sent out for educational and advertising purposes by the board of trade, of San Jose, Cal. Among the products exhibited are peaches that weigh 2 1/4 lb; apples 3 lbs; pears 4 1/2 lbs; bunch of grapes 10 lbs; and an exhibitions of agricultural products such as mammoth asparagus; cucumbers 18 inches long; string beans 36 inches; carrots 8 lbs each; sugar beets 21 lbs each; and everything else in proportion that grows in semi-tropical and tropical climates.

There is also another car containing a museum of California marine specimens. It has the largest shark or fish ever captured in the world, 36 feet long, and weighing 10,383 lbs., which was captured in the Bay of Monterey, Cal. There are also many other marine curiosities and a magnificent collection of sea shells from the Pacific ocean and the bays of California. 

The exhibit is endorsed by strong letters of recommendation from leading educators. In order to avoid the jam and confusion that attends a free exhibit an admission fee of 10 cents is charged by the management.